Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Design and Facility Development includes our leaders and administrative staff, our project management team and our operations group, which helps keep the department running smoothly. Our department collaborates with a wide group of citizens and experts across the university, region, industry and beyond to create safe and engaging spaces for the CMU community.

Shipping Address

Carnegie Mellon University
Campus Design and Facility Development
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Mailing Address

Carnegie Mellon University
Campus Design and Facility Development
417 South Craig Street, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Management Team

Portrait of Ralph HorganRalph Horgan | Associate Vice President

Office: 412-268-6156

Portrait of Jennifer McDowellJennifer McDowell | Senior Director of Design & Construction

Office: 412-268-3763

Portrait of Andrew ReillyAndrew Reilly | Senior Director of Engineering & Construction

Office: 412-268-8904

Portrait of Bob ReppeBob Reppe | Assistant Vice President and University Architect

Office: 412-268-5259

Portrait of Ellen RomagniEllen Romagni | Senior Director of Operations & Real Estate

Office: 412-268-3426

Portrait of Karen SpellsKaren Spells | Program Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Office: 412-268-7280

Project Management Team

Portrait of Chris ConroyChris Conroy | Associate Director, MEP

Office: 412-268-3879

Portrait of Utkarsh GhildyalUtkarsh Ghildyal | Associate Director of Design

Office: 412-268-8716

Portrait of Mike KelleyMike Kelley | Associate Director of Construction

Office: 412-268-2366

Portrait of Jen BeckJen Beck | Senior Project Manager

Office: 412-268-1182

Portrait of McKenzie BonnettMcKenzie Bonnett | Project Associate

 Office: 412-268-6237

Portrait of Asli DargaAsli S. Darga | Project Manager

Office: 412-268-5890

Portrait of Chris DeelyChris Deely | Project Associate

Office: 412-268-2239

Portrait of Adam DiMennoAdam DiMenno | Project Manager

Office: 412-268-5371

Portrait of Max DorosaMax Dorosa | Principal Project Manager

Office: 412-268-8936

Portrait of Max DorosaPatrick Ehland | HVAC and Commissioning Manager

Office: 412-268-8631

Portrait of Jamison FieldingJamison Fielding | Principal Project Manager

Office: 412-268-6824

Portrait of Kevin FordKevin Ford | Senior Project Manager

Office: 412-268-7853

Portrait of Salonika GarapatySalonika Garapaty | Project Manager

Office: 412-268-4576

Portrait of Jan HeldJanice Held | Principal Project Manager

Office: 412-268-1838

Portrait of Brennen HydzikBrennen Hydzik | Senior Project Manager

Office: 412-268-1812

Portrait of Megan PierceMegan Pierce | Project Associate

Office: 412-268-6300

Photo of Kevin ShafferKevin Shaffer | Senior Project Manager

Office: 412-268-8780

Portrait of Penny TonioloPenny Stump | Principal Project Manager

Office: 412-268-2286

Portrait of Joe YiminJoe Yimin | Senior Project Manager

Office: 412-268-3334

Operations Team

Portrait of Alex HomyakAlex Homyak | Contract and Procurement Manager

Office: 412-268-4443

Portrait of Tom TruongTom Truong | Financial Systems and Analytics Manager

Office: 412-268-2539

Portrait of Vanessa BranchVanessa Branch | Accounts Payable Specialist

Office: 412-268-6301

Portrait of Amy BrownAmy Brown | Business Manager

Office: 412-268-2629

Portrait of Kathrin DeckerKathrin Decker | Accounting Specialist

Office: 412-268-2539

Portrait of Meredith HassenrikMeredith Hassenrik | Contract Specialist

Office: 412-268-6485

Alaric HeissAlaric Heiss | Systems Analyst

Office: 412-268-3958

Portrait of Leslie IstvanLeslie Istvan | Real Estate Manager

Office: 412-268-2808

Emeritus Staff

Joe Greenaway

Joe Greenaway: 42 Years of Campus Construction