Carnegie Mellon University

The Design Review Committee

In 2023, CMU consolidated several smaller working groups and committees into the Design Review Committee. This committee – which includes cross-campus representation from art, architecture, engineering, facilities, marketing and other groups – meets monthly to provide consultative feedback on issues and projects that affect the university’s public spaces.

Project design teams are expected to present qualifying campus projects to the Committee and/or its subcommittees after consulting with their colleagues and constituents, but prior to seeking any approval from the Board of Trustees or the City of Pittsburgh (if required). Qualifying projects may include:

  • Updates to CMU’s 10-year Institutional Master Plan

  • New buildings and major building additions, renovations or exterior alterations

  • Public-space alterations within a CMU-owned facility

  • Alterations to campus open spaces, accessibility or landscaping

  • Long-term public art installations (more than three years)

  • Public campus signage or graphics

After project review, the Committee will provide feedback and direction to the project design team regarding next steps. Every year, a campus Town Hall will be held to share the projects and art pieces reviewed by the Committee with the campus community. For more details about the Committee, its members and procedures, and qualifying projects, view the Design Review Committee Charter [pdf].