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Where is Wardha?

Where is Wardha?

Located near the geographic center of India, in the state of Maharashtra, Wardha is famous for the many social reformers who have called it home. Mahatma Gandhi built his last ashram in Wardha. Other renowned social activists that lived and worked in Wardha include Vinoba Bhave, Baba Amte, and Jamnalal Bajaj.

Overcoming Tragedy

Today, Wardha has become known for more tragic reasons. Wardha is located within the region of Vidarbha, an arid belt of land that gained notoriety worldwide for a series of farmer suicides. Dependent on unpredictable rains and volatile cotton prices, many farmers end up in debt. The pressure of exorbitant interest rates and mounting debts have led many to take their own lives.

The Bajaj Foundation is working throughout Wardha to provide opportunities for farmers to escape the debt trap and to find new sources of income and hope. In this way, the Bajaj Foundation is carrying forward the work of the heroes of Wardha, past and present.

Getting to Wardha

The Bajaj Foundation's main program office is in Wardha city, the capital of Wardha district. The closest major airport is in Nagpur, located a few hours east of Wardha city.

You can use the below google map to explore Wardha, a diverse landscape of farms, hills, forests, lakes, rivers, and several large tiger reserves.

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