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For Students

For Students

Carnegie Mellon students have several unique opportunities to contribute to the work of the Bajaj Foundation, and to learn from and with the people of Wardha. You can visit Wardha or can contribute from Pittsburgh by completing research projects in collaboration with Bajaj staff and their local partners.

Visit Wardha

Interested in a service-learning trip to India? The Social Change Semester offers the opportunity to work with the Bajaj Foundation in Wardha, to help local villagers realize their dreams, and to learn best-practices in sustainable development.

You can also participate on a shorter trip over winter break or spring break. Please contact Nico Slate if you are interested in visiting Wardha.

CMU students at a women's collaborative

Research Opportunities

The Bajaj Lab offers many opportunities for students to get involved from Pittsburgh. Consider writing a senior thesis on water management, alternative energy, women's empowerment, sustainable agriculture, or village industries. You might also study the Bajaj Foundation's participatory approach to development. Your research can directly benefit the Bajaj Foundation and can also help inspire others to learn from the development successes of Wardha.