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Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship


LaunchCMU showcases entrepreneurship at CMU — cutting-edge research and innovations from students, alumni, faculty and staff — while bringing together the investment community, regional business leaders and CMU alumni.

Check back for more information on the Spring 2017 LaunchCMU event in Silicon Valley!

Watch the talks and presentations from LaunchCMU Fall 2016:

Schedule of Events from Fall 2016 Event

photo of student demonstrating his product

Demo & Poster Session

3:45 - 4:30 p.m. (Part 1)
5:30 - 7:00 p.m. (Part 2)

Join faculty, students and staff, investors, regional business leaders and CMU alumni to experience a showcase and presentations of cutting-edge research and emerging technologies, products and services from various CMU startups. Fall 2016 Exhibitors listed below!

photo of LaunchCMU speaker

Showcase Talks

4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Hear remarks by President Subra Suresh and Provost Farnam Jahanian with a special address by James R. Swartz (MSIA '66). This program will formally introduce the new Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship. Smart Cities presentations by CMU student, faculty and alumni startups will follow the remarks and include:

James Garrett, Dean, CMU College of Engineering, Metro 21
Greg Barlow, Ph.D.,Chief Technical Officer, Rapid Flow Technologies
Austin Webb, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, RoBotany Ltd.
Illah Nourbakhsh, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Airviz,Inc
Vanessa Jameson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Covey LLC
Burcu Akinci, Co-founder, LeanFM


photo of man speaking to another man

Networking Reception

5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Network with other entrepreneurs and investors while continuing to browse the Demo & Poster Session. Refreshments will be served.

"The [LaunchCMU] event was a great event for us. We were able to connect with prospective investors, many of which were from outside the region. In addition, it was inspiring to interact with other founders and see the breadth of innovation being driven by students and alumni of CMU."

- Jim Ruiz, Founder and CEO, CDL Warrior, Developed by Next Gauge, Inc.

Exhibitors from Fall 2016 Event

Airviz Inc.

Airviz Logo

Redefining Air Quality Intelligence

Sara Longo
Illah Nourbakhsh
Christopher Bartley
M. Beatrice Dias
Joshua Schapiro
Michael D. Taylor
Jonathan Carreon

Airviz Inc. is a spinoff from the CREATE Lab. Our goal is to empower everyday citizens to improve the air they breathe through new hardware innovation, corporate partnerships, and MEMS research.

Bio Boards
Bio Boards logo

Surf everywhere, then analyze, compare and share

Marcio Borgonovo-Santos
Ricardo Marques
Diogo Oliveira
University of Porto-Faculty of Sports
Porto Biomechanics Laboratory
Financial support of:
CMU Portugal

Bio Board's research with surf and skate biomechanics in Sports Sciences Ph.D., shows that competitive surfers and skaters can enhance their performance using analytical information. We have developed a prototype system that monitors, evaluates and provides parameters for surf and skate analyses. This system will be integrated into the Bio Board products.

Center for Machine Learning and Health (CMLH)

PHDA logo

Joe Marks
Heather Johnson
Partners: UPMC Enterprises
The University of Pittsburgh

The Center for Machine Learning and Health (CMLH) at Carnegie Mellon University is one of two centers launched under the umbrella of the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance, formed in 2015 to unite Carnegie Mellon’s unrivaled applied-computing capabilities, the University of Pittsburgh’s world-class health-sciences research, and UPMC’s clinical care and commercialization expertise. The CMLH supports great science and engineering that can lead to innovative health solutions and new businesses. From bench to bedside: the CMLH funds projects that strive to bridge the gap between research and practice.  All funded work at CMLH will have a clear line of sight to commercial application.

Choitek LLC

Choitek logo

Choitek Mark II

John Choi
Ruvini Navaratna
Terence Huang
Yosser D'Avanzo
Oliver Zhang
Dimitrios Konstantinidis

The Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator is an advanced educational robotics platform capable of performing a variety of human-size tasks, including but not limited to cleaning rooms, playing the piano, making meals and more. Through its open modularity and easy programmability, the robot is exceptionally good at teaching and inspiring students, hobbyists, artists, and makers alike.


Covey Logo

Vanessa Jameson

Covey is a fast growing, positive ecosystem of over 10,000 parents and the businesses that serve them. We are giving businesses an organic, authentic voice among consumers. We are giving parents the opportunity to find the peer support they crave and the resources they need. Our resulting community provides us with acute insights on the location and interests of parents in our network, enabling us to effectively connect parents with brands.

Ember Technologies

Evance logo

Envance, an online editor for media rich ebooks.

Eleanor Haglund
Erin O'Toole

Envance is a tool for enabling people with existing content to quickly generate a quality e-book containing media and export it to any of the existing file types. Unlike existing competitors, our platform allows the writer to publish on all online stores, greatly increasing the writer’s revenue. Users can easily choose visual and aural content to include in their books by shopping in our marketplace, where artists and sound designers sell their work to the writers.

Expii, Inc.

Expii logo

Personal Learning

Po-Shen Loh
Andrea Janov

Expii unlocks the personal learning revolution. Using crowdsourcing and new mathematical algorithms, Expii turns every smartphone into a free adaptive learning system.


flagtag logo

Jesse Mendelson
Omar El-Sadany
Ramsey Natour
Matt Hillman

flagtag leverages your smartphone's GPS to help you find exciting events and capture fantastic deals at the same time. When you open the app, you’ll see everything going on around you, linked with Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any of your friends gatherings, too. Virtual flags are also scattered throughout the map, and by physically moving to the location of a flag, you’ll have the opportunity to snag it and claim your new deal.


Helppier logo

Bring user guides to life

Marco Garcia
Daniela Lopes
Hugo Magalhães

Helppier is an online support tool that enables companies to create interactive step-by-step tutorials and tooltips. By creating sequential instructions to interactively guide users on websites, users don’t need to go back and forth between videos and user manuals. We supply an intelligent tool that recognizes and meets users’ needs, improving the relationship and shortening the gap between companies and the customers.

Hillside Hydro

Hillside Hydro logo

Hunter Hartshorne
Jasper White

We have developed a portable hydroelectric generator and power storage system for use outdoors. The generator utilizes the power of small bodies of moving water to charge a large internal battery which can be used to charge any devices that charge via USB. The versatile generator can be deployed in the small stream next to your campsite or even pulled behind a kayak.


Humotech logo

Josh Caputo

Humotech is revolutionizing the field of prosthetics and orthotics with its robotic emulator device. With the emulator, patients can test-drive candidate devices prior to purchase and fitting, empowering providers to make personalized evidence-based prescription decisions. Humotech is a recent spinoff based on 6+ years of research at CMU, and has recently launched a 3-year project with the DoD/VA.


Idelic logo

Hayden Cardiff
Andrew Russell
Jeremy Thomas
Pitt Ohio (Partner) 

Idelic helps transportation fleets save time, money, and lives by providing comprehensive compliance, safety, and risk management software solutions. By leveraging predictive analytics, machine learning, and IoT integration, we provide a platform for managers to automate compliance, predict at-risk drivers, and prescribe corrective action before accidents happen.

Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow logo

Client & Workflow Management for Accounting Firms

David Cristello
John Bowman
Jess Nebgen
Mark Zalar
Jake Goulding
Leandro Matioli Santos
Michael Kim

Reduce Costly Admin Time: Never again recreate or lose sight of client work
Never Misplace Client Work: Manage your client work in one place
Complete Visibility: Our filtering options makes tracking client work simple
Over 2,450,820 Jobs & Tasks Processed Worldwide


Burcu Akinci
Udi Hershkovich
Pine Liu

LeanFM provides a data visualization and analytics solution to facilities managers responsible for operations & maintenance (O&M). LeanFM provides the context and actionable insights needed to support decision-making and efficient work prioritization and resource allocation. We enable the smooth transition from reactive to efficient and sustainable proactive operations.


LegalSifter logo

Sifting can be fun

Kevin Miller
Elliott Williams
Lars Mahler
Eben Adams

LegalSifter is an AI software startup out of Carnegie Mellon. We make global legal support affordable by empowering people with artificial intelligence. ContractSifter, our first product, helps people read contracts faster and "sift" for what matters to them faster.

LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield logo

Dave Luebke
Hunaid Nulwala
John Watkins
Xu Zhou
Brett Luebke

LumiShield is a CMU/NETL spin out, which is commercializing a proprietary anti-corrosion coating. LumiShield coatings are based on safe, non-toxic aluminum, take the place of toxic metal coatings like chromium and cadmium, and cost no more to produce than those coatings.


MechaSpark logo

Jason Onoda
Wanwirote Varophas

What would you do if the life-changing experiences that got you here today, you had earlier in your life? MechaSpark is the destination that connects industry experts with educators to answer students' ultimate question of the classroom: "Why should I care?". By distilling complex topics into easily digestible chunks, we help instructors develop their curriculum faster and more effectively.

MedControl Technologies

MedControl logo

Preventing prescription drug abuse using technology

David Jasnos
Arthur David, MD

MedControl is preventing prescription drug abuse, addiction, and diversion using a technology enabled pill bottle and analytics platform. Our wirelessly connected secure medication dispenser requires a patient to scan a fingerprint to access single doses of medication at prescribed intervals.


Mentorscape logo

Rohan Varma
Ashley Lai

Mentorscape is transforming online education by connecting students taking online computer science courses with dedicated mentors from the industry. Since 90% of high schools do not currently offer a computer science class, Mentorscape is providing a high-quality online alternative to over 5 million new HS students per year.


Module logo

Smart Housing for the Urban Age
Hallie Dumont
Brian Gaudio
Drew Brisley

Module designs a house that grows with your family. It changes as your needs do, or as you can afford it. Our patent-pending wall system makes it easy to convert a one-bedroom starter unit into a three-bedroom house without the headaches typically associated with home renovation.

NetBeez, Inc.

NetBeez logo

Stefano Gridelli
Panayiotis Neophytou
Panagiotis Vouzis

NetBeez, Inc. is a proactive network performance monitoring company delivering the only fully-scalable monitoring solution that continuously simulates user connectivity on any wired or wireless network. Customers include GoDaddy, Kingston, and other Fortune 2000 companies. These organizations utilize NetBeez for comprehensive, proactive monitoring of their network infrastructure and cloud applications.

Nexi, Inc.

Nexi Logo

Effective Data Finding & Sharing

Ed Engler
Rebecca Jacobson
Girish Chavan
Eugene Tseytlin

Nexi brings 10 years of development in natural language processing (NLP), security & compliance infrastructure and federated data access. Scalable, secure network of 6 institutions in operation today. Exclusive license signed, pilot commercial customers in discussions, followed by market launch planned for 2017.


Nimbus logo

Your personal moving walkway

Xunjie Zhang
Yifan Hou
Anand Kapadia
Advisor: Randy Sargent

Nimbus is the world's smallest personal transport device that you can just step in with your normal pair of shoes. And it doubles your walking speed and helps you easily cruise over any hills in the city.


NoRILLA logo

Nesra Yannier, Ph.D.

NoRILLA is a new mixed-reality educational system (patent-pending technology) bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve children's science learning and enjoyment in a collaborative way, fostering scientific curiosity and productive dialogue. Our research at Carnegie Mellon University has shown that it improves children's learning by 5 times compared to equivalent tablet or computer games, while also increasing enjoyment.


Processly logo

Bringing iterative design process to the classroom

Albert Topdjian
Rehan Butt
Luke Hottinger
Eddy Man Kim
Lauren Zito

Processly empowers students to take control of their own education. Through the integration of process-oriented work, students learn to document, discuss, and reflect in the classroom. Our web application makes it easy for teachers to work alongside their students as they foster a student-centered learning environment.

Rapid Flow Technologies

RapidFlow logo

Greg Barlow, Ph.D.
Stephen Smith, Ph.D.

Rapid Flow Technologies is an early-stage startup building intelligent transportation technology for smart cities. Their Surtrac intelligent traffic signal control technology optimizes traffic second by second to reduce time spent waiting at intersections by an average of 40%, and they have developed the first technology to measure cruising for on-street parking, using their low-cost Phaenon sensor networks.

RistCall LLC

RistCall logo

RistCall wearable patient care platform for healthcare

Srinath Vaddepally
Ameya Bhat
Yicheng Bai

RistCall helps hospitals and nursing homes to provide better patient nurse communication with smart watches.

RoBotany Ltd.

Robotany logo

The Future of Vertical Farming

Austin Webb
Austin Lawrence
Daniel Seim
Brac Webb

RoBotany is an indoor vertical farming company that is transforming modern agriculture with automated robotics and software analytics. The company's patent pending technology significantly increases labor efficiency, provides an unprecedented level of data analytics, and allows for yields over 180x per square foot compared to traditional outdoor agriculture (over ~1,000x including crop loss). RoBotany can optimize the taste and nutrition of every herbicide, pesticide-free plant it grows, even in the dead of winter, all while using 95% less water and avoiding the degradation of top soil and runoff pollution. Vertical farming is the future, and RoBotany is the future of vertical farming.

Rorus Inc.

Rorus Inc. logo

Rorus Spring Launching in India

Corinne Clinch
Uriel Eisen
Kyle Henson

Rorus makes simple water filters for the $14B market of household filtration in developing countries. The Rorus Spring is our first product, an affordable household and disaster relief filter that is fast and biologically comprehensive with no maintenance.


SoftBionics logo

Smart Insole

João Luís Ministro Lourenço
Mahmoud Tavakoli
Pedro Filipe Alhais Lopes

SoftBionics is a high-tech startup based in Portugal that aims to bring the state of the art technologies in soft robotics, soft electronics, MEMS and Nano technologies to daily life applications at a low price.


SolePower logo

Self-Sustaining, Smart Work Boot for Industrial Applications
Hahna Alexander
Ryan Westphal
Davit Davitian
Elliot Kahn

SolePower develops wearable kinetic chargers that power portable electronics like location-trackers and sensors every step. The charger is embedded into a work boot where it will charge safety and efficiency sensors for industrial applications. SolePower's charger is 10x more powerful than the nearest competition and won Popular Science Invention of the Year.


TWEVO logo

Wireless link for real-time drone/UAV applications

Carlos Miguel Nogueira Gaspar Ribeiro
Eduardo Daniel Castaneda Trujillo

In TWevo, we develop wireless technology for the autonomous vehicles and UAVs (e.g. drones) markets. We increase their operational capacity so that data-hungry and real-time applications can be supported with less hardware. Our technology can improve performance across different UAV segments (Media & Entertainment, Telecom and Security), whose market value doubles every year.