Carnegie Mellon University

LaunchCMU Silicon Valley May 23, 2017


LaunchCMU showcases entrepreneurship at CMU — cutting-edge research and innovations from students, alumni, faculty and staff — while bringing together the investment community, regional business leaders and CMU alumni.

LaunchCMU Spring 2017

Robotics in Manufacturing

May 23, 2017
Oracle Conference Center
350 Oracle Pkwy
Redwood City, CA 94065


Schedule of Events for Spring 2017 Event

photo of student demonstrating his product

Demo & Poster Session

2:00-3:00 pm (Part 1)
4:30-6:00 pm (Part 2)

Register to participate! Registration deadline is Friday, May 5, 2017.

See the latest from CMU student, faculty and alumni startups.  Spring 2017 Exhibitors listed below!

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Showcase Talks

3:00-4:30 pm

Hear Robotics in Manufacturing presentations by CMU student, faculty and alumni startups including:

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Networking Reception

4:30-6:00 pm

Network with other entrepreneurs and investors while continuing to browse the Demo & Poster Session. Refreshments will be served.

"The [LaunchCMU] event was a great event for us. We were able to connect with prospective investors, many of which were from outside the region. In addition, it was inspiring to interact with other founders and see the breadth of innovation being driven by students and alumni of CMU."

- Jim Ruiz, Founder and CEO, CDL Warrior, Developed by Next Gauge, Inc.

Demo & Poster Session Exhibitors for Spring 2017 Event

Airviz Inc.

Airviz Logo

Air Quality Sensing

Sara Longo
Illah Nourbakhsh
Christopher Bartley
M. Beatrice Dias
Joshua Schapiro
Michael D. Taylor
David Litton
Jonathan Carreon

Airviz automates the reaction to bad air by expertly providing air quality sensing, analysis, interactive visualization and the structure for a clear sensor-solution communication infrastructure, and doing it in a way that is intuitive, unobtrusive, maintenance-free and transparent.

Augment Solutions

Augment Solutions

AI for CRM

Matthew Swanson

Augment applies artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of enterprise call centers. Augment’s human-in-the-loop NLP platform supports existing call center staff by automatically suggesting personalized responses, drawing from the best expertise and responses across the organization.



Building Portfolio Decision Support Tool

Azizan Aziz
Mike Broeker

BuildFIT is a building operations and investment support tool for facility managers and building owners with large building portfolios. Based on utility and building automation data, the tool provides recommendations to save money from reducing energy consumption within financial and occupant comfort constraints.


BuildSimHub Logo

Create Energy Efficient Building Together

Weili Xu
Zheng Zhang
Haopeng Wang
Yin Liang

The world’s first cloud-based 3D visual energy information modeling data integration and collaboration platform.


Eatify Logo

Recipe Ingredients Delivered Right To Your Door

Alexander Timmons
Christopher Hobbs

Eatify gets the ingredients to cook your favorite recipes delivered right to your door. Endless choices, grocery store prices and no extra packaging waste.

HEBI Robotics

HEBI Robotics

Howie Choset
David Rollinson
Matt Tesch
Curtis Layton
Florian Enner

HEBI Robotics creates Lego-like robotic building blocks. The platform consists of hardware and software that make it easy to create custom robots quickly.

LeanFM Technologies

LeanFM Technologies

When Artificial Intelligence Meets Facility Operations

Burcu Akinci
Xuesong Liu

LeanFM uses patented technologies to integrate, enrich and visualize facility operations information that enables data-driven decisions and 40% more efficient facility operations.



Leveraging Location to Create New Opportunities in Social

Sajjad Mustehsan
Zainub Mustehsan
Marium Mustehsan

Locye is a social media platform that lets you post content that's visible to people near your current physical location and lets you see posts made by others near you. Locye also lets you observe social activity at real-time hotspots and places of interest worldwide. You can post anonymously or with your identity, for a day or forever.

Nabla Ascent

Nabla Ascent

Advanced Autonomy for Drones

Sankalp Arora
Daniel Maturana
Geetesh Dubey
Robb Myer

Nabla Ascent aims to unleash the full potential of drones as flying cameras and data gatherers by providing them with advanced autonomy based on state-of-the-art AI and deep learning.

Piot Networks Inc.

Pivot Networks, Inc. Logo

Simple IOT platform

Francis Kurupacheril

Piot Networks provides a simple lightweight IOT platform to monitor and control sensors, built off of the existing enterprise XMPP infrastructure.


Project Vision

Suparna Ferreira
Shingai Samudzi

ProjectVision combines the best of the human connection and technology to offer a model of personalized, chronic disease prevention. Their approach enables communities to rapidly scale preventive care programming that not only maximizes the likelihood of sustained health behavior change, but can also identify direct-to-
consumer revenue opportunities for providers outside of payer reimbursement.

RedMarlin, Inc.

RedMarlin, Inc.

SmartTrap: Catching Phishing Websites Using AI

Abhishek Dubey
Shashi Prakash

RedMarlin protects its customers from phishing attacks in real- time. Its proprietary, AI- based solution differs from most other solutions in the market by monitoring brands proactively and detecting malicious websites automatically, eliminating the dependency on reactive solutions like blacklists.

RoBotany Ltd.


The Future of Farming

Austin Webb
Austin Lawrence
Danny Seim
Brac Webb

RoBotany is an indoor vertical farming company that is transforming modern agriculture with automated robotics and software analytics. The company's unique, fully integrated solution redefines the vertical farming process from start to finish, allowing the company to be a superior operator in the next generation industry.


SensoryPlay Logo

An Augmented Virtuality Platform

Lavanya Gopalakrishnan
Shrey Malhotra
Iva Segalman

SensoryPlay wants to bring back the intimacy and fun of playing board games augmented with mixed reality environment along with the use of tactile gameplay elements. Their product SandStorm is beyond the confines of wearables and an obtrusive experience that comes with the present day AR/VR technology.


Skycision Logo

Harvesting Your Fields Potential

Brendan Carroll
Alec Assaad

Skycision is a world leader in providing decision support to farmers based on proprietary technology which converts aerial imagery to actionable data. Skycision’s technology is world class in diagnosing crop stress, disease, fertilization needs and other issues farmers face on a weekly and seasonal basis.


Teratonix Logo

Wireless Power - No Batteries Needed

Ivan Pistsov
Yi Luo

Teratonix energy harvester is a revolutionary device to replace batteries in low-power IoT devices. Based on the proprietary ultrahigh speed diode, their device can convert ambient broadband (100MHz - 10GHz) RF-radiation to electricity and provide a maintenance-free replacement for batteries.

xSeer Inc.


God's Eye View: Visual Analytics at Scale

Amir Yahyavi
Saman Amirpour Amraii
Laleh Roosta Pour

xSeer offers a next generation visual analytics solution called EVA. EVA is unique in that it can ingest billions of datapoints and intuitively create visualizations at massive scale with in-depth ad-hoc drilldowns on data over time, data blending and machine learning to discover business insights making it much easier for customers to perform customer analytics.