Undergraduate Research-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Students in the Mellon College of Science are breaking the boundaries of science.

Undergraduate researchers in the Mellon College of Science are integral parts of faculty research teams and contribute to cutting-edge research. MCS students don’t just repeat experiments that have been done before. They discover something new, publishing their results in top journals and presenting their work at local and national conferences. Our students explore real-world problems, which don’t always come in tidy boxes labeled biology or chemistry, math or physics.

How to get started

To get started on research, speak to your undergraduate advisor:

Biological Sciences

Becki Campanaro
Assistant Department Head
Doherty Hall 1321
(412) 268-3262
Undergraduate Research in the Department of Biological Sciences


Karen Stump
Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies & Laboratories
Doherty Hall 2120
(412) 268-2340

Mathematical Sciences

Irina Gheorghiciuc
Associate Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Research Director
Wean Hall 8126
(412) 268-3023
Undergraduate Research in the Department of Mathematical Sciences


Kunal Ghosh
Teaching Professor
Wean Hall 6319
(412) 268-3413

Corrinne Vassallo

Corrinne Vassallo, a Physics and Music Performance major, talks about her contributions to Carnegie Mellon University entry for the Google Lunar X Prize, an optical orbit determination system that will guide the lander to the surface of the moon.

Undergraduate Researcher Profile