Student Affairs-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Organizations

Student involvement has shaped Carnegie Mellon in to the world class university that it is today. Each person that invests in the university plays a part in who we are as an institution but also who we will become. In addition to shaping the university, students who become active in the campus community are provided with opportunities to grow and develop skills that complement their overall academic achievement.

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The Student Development Office has a strong focus on the first year experience with almost all first year housing supported by their office: Boss, Donner, E-Tower, Hamerschlag, Mudge, Scobell, and Stever. Their House communities strive to provide students with opportunities to enhance their own growth and development as they progress through their college years.  The Houses are distinctive communities. each with their own character, traditions, and design, but all share core focus areas: transition, support, involvement, personal development, and community commitment. Please check out the following website for more information.

Student Life

The Student Life Staff provides opportunities that emphasize community engagement and social responsibility while actively supporting the personal and professional development of students.

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