Carnegie Mellon University

2009 Award Winners

Award for Artistic Excellence

First Place: David Lasky, "The Large Instrument"

Second Place: Stefanie Kim, "Why Warhol?"

Third Place: Defne Civelekoglu and Nadeem Haidary, "Tails" & Elizabeth Barsotti, "The Bees are Disappearing"

Center for the Arts in Society Award

First Place: Vivian Song, "Eyes of China"

Second Place: Jessica Dickinson-Goodman, "Poetry and Prose Performance Project"

CIT Honors Research Poster Competition

First Place: Mark Fuge, "A Testing Method and Cognitive Model of Human Diagram Understanding for Automating Design Sketch Recognition"

Second Place: Nicholas Wren, "Computational Modeling of the Nuclear Lamina"

Third Place: Amanda DiIenno, "Development of a Rational Approach for Finding Formulations that Physically Stabilize Human Growth Hormone"

Ford Motor Company Award

First Place: Jacob Mohin, Kwadwo Som-Pimpong, and David Kennedy, "Greener Bills"

Second Place: Andrew Charters, Ian Norman, and Mary Anna Saenko, "Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Side Impact Structure for Vehicle..."

Third Place: Ross Finman and Joel Pazhoyampallil, "Deformable Wheels for Lunar Applications"

IBM "Innovation that Matters" Award

Saurabh Sanghvi, "Education E-Village"

Jamie Bourne, et. al., "Investigating Reliability in a Low-Cost Robot Colony"

Intel IFYRE Poster Competition

First Place: Natalie Brandell, "Investigation of Transition Metals as Oxygen Evolution Catalysts in Neutral Solution"

Second Place: Brian Hoskins, "X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of PV In As Quantam Dots on a Gas Substrate"

Third Place: Victor Marmol, "Autonomous Multi-Robot Exploration to Coverage" & Benjamin Poole, Correcting for Respiratory Motion in CT Scans"

Johnson & Johnson Competition

Danielle Eytan, "19F MRI Detection of Acute Cardiac Allograft..."

Brian Freeman, ‘Drug Delivery to Wound Sites to Promote Angionesis..."

Lockheed Martin ECE Undergraduate Project Awards

First Place: Jeffrey Lai, et. al., "Wii Want to Write: Gesture Recognition System"

Runners Up:

Steven Elia, "Myron: Smart Footballs for Automated Coaching"

Benjamin Chidester, "Wireless Sensor Networks for Wide Area, Long Term Monitoring"

Judge's Choice:

Rohan Aletty, et. al. "Ferrofluid Actuation in Robots"

Saurabh Sanghvi, "Education E-Village Project"

Bryan Hinch and Sudeep Yegnashankaran, "Mobile Eagle: Taking the Store out of Grocery Store"

Phi Kappa Phi Competition

Ben Berkowitz, "Developing a Power Line Docking System for Small-Scale Aerial Platforms"

Heather Chalfin, "Testing for Binding to the Manganese"

James Dougherty, "An ‘Ocular Demonstration'"

Alexandra Kronstein, "Segmenting the Signal: A Cross-Section Comparison of Switch and Tone Stimuli"

Psychology Department Competition

Poster Prize First Place: Katherine Farner, "The Effect of Cardiovascular Reactivity to and Recovery from Stress on Immune System"

Poster Prize Second Place: Alexandra Kronstein, "Mechanisms of Statistical Learning: Word-Length Effects"

Talk Prize First Place: Lauren Burakowski, "Examining Preservation in 3-year-olds using the Go/No-Go Task"

Talk Prize Second Place: Lauren Krogh, "The Effect of Action on Causal Perception in 3- and 4 1/2-month-old infants"

Richard Schoenwald Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Research Prize

James Dougherty, "An ‘Ocular Demonstration'"

Sigma Xi Competition

First Place: Robert Meehan, "Defensin Mimic Prepared from Y-Peptide Nucleic Acid Scaffold Exhibits Potent Antimicrobial Activities"

Second Place: Shelley Kucherer, "MALDI-TOP Mass Spectrometric Detection of the Acidic Tail of High Mobility Group Box Protein-1..." &

Cecilia Westbrook, "Mindfulness in Adolescents at Risk for Depression"


Rohit Ramnath, ‘Tracking Morphology Changes in the Develping Mammalian Accessory Olfactory Bulb"

David Stone, ‘Testing A Generic Coarse-Grained Model for Protein Folding and Aggregation"

Jamie Bourne, Austin Buchan, Ryan Cahoon, et. al., "Investigating Reliability and Robustness in a Low-Cost Robot Colony"

Statistics Department Competition

First Place: Vinith Annam, Nicole Mattison, and Michael Albrecht, "Brain Activity of a Sedated Cat"

Second Place: Eileen Tucker, "Discovering Partially Ordered Knowledge Structures from Student Test Data"

Third Place: Daniel Frank, "Galaxy Classification"

Honorable Mention: Jason Blahovec, Maura Fitzgerald, Manisha Johary, and Kevin Kwan, "Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection"

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Award

Young Joo Jeong, "Benefits of Use of Tablet PC"

Richard Pantaleo, et. al, "RobOrchestra IV"

Christopher Chien, "Why is Grandma Green?"

Sally Mao, "Field Guide to Trapped Animals"

Guangyuan Shan, "Smoulder: Evolution of a Chandelier"

Thought Competition

Victor Marmol, "Autonomous Multi-Robot Exploration in Unknown Environments"

Undergraduate Environmental Research Award

Dyanna Becker, Nakul Gupta, David Kinskey-Lebeda, Anna Lenhart, Erica Spiritos, Sarah Strano, Edward Yuenet, "Feasibility of Jatropha Production in Eastern Africa"

Yahoo! Competition

First Place: Daniel Eisenberg, "Apatite: Associative Browsing of APIs"

First Runner-up: David Kennedy,, "Greenerbills"

Second Runner-up: Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour, "Using Machine Learning to Predict Human Brain Activity" & Andrew Maas, "Learning About Related Tasks with Hierarchical Models"