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Social Regulations

Events that are in any way identified with Carnegie Mellon and are conducted by students or student organizations for purely social purposes are covered by the following regulations:

  • Any such event, whether on or off campus, must comply with city, state and federal laws. Carnegie Mellon accepts no responsibility for the direct supervision of the social activities engaged in by its students and student organizations.
  • Student organizations must submit this form to the Director of Student Leadership, Involvement and Civic Engagement for review and apporval priot to any events being held during final examinations, during final examinations, on the night before any recess, or during any recess of more than three days duration.
  • It is expected that students will organize and conduct social activities in a responsible manner.
  • The university reserves the right to review the planning for social events requiring the use of university facilities and to establish special requirements as needed to ensure the well-being of all students.

Last revised Spring 1998.

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