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HEERF II Reporting - Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA)

The following information is provided to comply with the Department of Education's HEERF II Reporting requirements. This information is limited to HEERF II funding and does not include any other grant programs.

Reporting Date: September 30, 2021 (FINAL REPORT for Student Portion)

Emergency Financial Aid Grants for Students

Carnegie Mellon University acknowledges that it submitted a Funding Certification and Agreement for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students to the Department of Education and received a supplemental notification of approval on January 19, 2021 for funds designated under Section 314(a)(1) of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students.

Carnegie Mellon was allocated $2,867,543 from the U.S. Department of Education pursuant to the Certification and Agreement for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students as designated under Section 314(a)(1) of CRRSAA.  

The total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants distributed to students under CRRSAA is $2,867,543, of which $1,684,742 was distributed in this quarter.  On August 20, 2021, Carnegie Mellon awarded the remainder of its CRRSAA allocation for emergency financial aid grants to students. Therefore, the September 30, 2021, quarterly update will be our final report.

The estimated total number of students at the institution eligible to receive Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students from CRRSAA is 26,108.  Such estimate is based on the number of students that have been enrolled at Carnegie Mellon on or after March 13, 2020, as described in the Department of Education's final rule, “Eligibility To Receive Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students Under HEERF” (May 14, 2021, 86 FR 26608).

The total number of students who have received an Emergency Financial Aid Grant to Students under CRRSAA is 1,940, of which 814 received a grant in this quarter. 

Carnegie Mellon has established an application process for students to request emergency funds. The application was made available to all eligible students as of March 9, 2021, with a goal of assisting as many students as possible while prioritizing those students with exceptional financial need. Award amounts are determined by Carnegie Mellon based upon a review of the student emergency grant application, the amount requested, and the students demonstrated financial need from their FAFSA.  Generally, students receive grant amounts between $500 and $3,000. As of September 30, 2021, the average grant amount awarded to a student is $1,478, with an average grant amount of $2,070 in this quarter.

Carnegie Mellon announced the availability of emergency grants in a message sent to all eligible students on March 9, 2021.  A follow-up message was sent to this same population on May 6, 2021.  In the early weeks of August 2021, all returning students were emailed to inform them that emergency assistance was still available and to invite them to apply.  Additionally, the university amplified awareness to our student body by adding links to the Financial Assistance Related to COVID-19 page across a number of our student-focused websites and through various communication efforts. All materials indicate that emergency grant funds are able to be used to assist all components of cost of attendance, including tuition, and that awards could be applied directly to a student account, with the student's affirmative consent.

Carnegie Mellon students can visit the Student Financial Services COVID-19 Assistance webpage for additional information and specific guidance regarding Emergency Financial Aid Grants, including eligibility requirements, directions for submitting an application, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Institutional Portion

Reporting Date: December 31, 2021

The Institutional Portion allocated to Carnegie Mellon under HEERF II is $6,177,557, and was made available for use beginning on January 19, 2021.

For the quarter ending December 31, 2021, the total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants drawn by the university under Section 18004(a) (1) of the CARES Act was $3,735,286. The Institutional Costs, which were directly related to impacts associated with coronavirus, were used to cover personnel and non-personnel expenses related to testing lab and vaccination services, enhanced sanitizing services for campus facilities, physical distancing and air filtration supplies, as well as HR family care proctoring and temporary child care need services.

HEERF II Institutional Portion Quarterly Report (PDF)