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July 24, 2014

News Briefs

Get Your SMART ID Card Today

If you have not yet exchanged your ID Card for the new official SMART ID Card, Enrollment Services encourages you to do so at The HUB on the lower level of Warner Hall. 

Beginning Aug. 1, entry on Port Authority Transit (PAT) methods will be granted only with a valid, active SMART Card.

If you have a SMART Card and are experiencing any issues when tapping your card on a PAT card reader, please email with the following information:

  • PAT route  and direction (bus, incline, or T);
  • Date and time access denial occurred; and
  • Vehicle number (listed on the inside of a bus or T).

For additional information regarding the SMART Card transition and frequently asked questions, visit The HUB website at

Researchers Develop Technique To Reconstruct 3-D Motion

Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed techniques for combining the views of 480 video cameras mounted in a two-story geodesic dome to perform large-scale 3-D motion reconstruction, including volleyball games, the swirl of air currents and even a cascade of confetti.

Though the research was performed in a specialized, heavily instrumented video laboratory, Yaser Sheikh, an assistant research professor of robotics who led the research team, said the techniques might eventually be applied to large-scale reconstructions of sporting events or performances captured by hundreds of cameras wielded by spectators.

In contrast to most previous work, which typically has involved just 10 to 20 video feeds, the Carnegie Mellon researchers didn't have to worry about filling in gaps in data; their camera system can track 100,000 points at a time. Rather, they have to figure out how to choose which of the hundreds of video trajectories can see each of those points and select only those camera views for the reconstruction.

"At some point, extra camera views just become 'noise,'" said Hanbyul Joo, a Ph.D. student in the Robotics Institute. "To fully leverage hundreds of cameras, we need to figure out which cameras can see each target point at any given time."

Learn more.

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis lessons are being offered on campus through Aug. 15. All lessons are being taught be varsity tennis coach and USPTA certified tennis professional Mike Belmonte. The cost is $60 per hour. Learn more and register.

CMU Credit Union Offers New Loan Rates

The Carnegie Mellon Credit Union is offering new rates for new and used vehicles as well as personal loans. The rates are as follows:

  • New vehicles as low as 2.25 percent for 36, 48 or 60 months;
  • New vehicles as low as 2.75 percent for 72 months;
  • Used vehicles 2007 thru 2014 as low as 2.99 percent;
  • Used vehicles as low as 3.50 percent for 72 months; and
  • Personal loans as low as 7.99 percent.

Spots Available at the Cyert Center

The Cyert Center for Early Education has openings for 2014-2015 for children who will be 4 years old through kindergarten age by the end of September. The new program year begins Aug. 18, 2014, and ends Aug. 7, 2015. Please email or call 412-268-2149 for details.

Lower Hamerschlag Drive To Close for Scott Hall Steel Erection

The lower part of Hamerschlag Drive will be closed to all vehicular traffic from 6 a.m., Friday, July 25 through 6 p.m., Saturday, July 26 for the mobilization of a 300-ton, 300-foot-tall crane that will be used to erect the steel structure for Scott Hall.

There will be no access from Hamerschlag Drive to the Physical Plant Building, the Roberts Hall loading dock, the Gates High Bay and parking garage, and to the loading docks for Doherty and Wean halls. Permit holders in the Gates parking garage may use the East Campus Garage during this closure.

Carnegie Mellon Police along with Pittsburgh Police, paramedics and fire departments will have unrestricted access to lower Hamerschlag Drive through an emergency access temporary road from Frew Street through the Scott Hall construction site.