Carnegie Mellon University

How to Apply

Step One

Applications are live on August 10 and the deadline to apply is December 10 (noon EST). See FAQ page for more information about the deadline and application fees.

All applicants must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test. Subject GREs are not required. If your native language is not English, then you must also submit the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Scores must be less than two years old.

Upload your GRE and TOEFL (if applicable) to your application no later than is December 10 (noon EST).

Please send your scores to the following codes:

  • GRE Institution Code: 2074; Department Code: 0402
  • TOEFL Institution Code: 4256; Department Code: 78

Step Two

Your statement of purpose should be a well-written 1-2 page essay describing:

  • your motivation to enter the field of Computational Biology
  • any previous research experience you have (including your role in those projects), and, if applicable, any publications
  • your primary areas of interest within Computational Biology
  • your reasons for considering the MSCB program for graduate work

Step Three

The three letters of recommendation should be written by professional or academic references. Letters will be requested and submitted electronically within the online application system. Recommenders should know you relatively well and be able to evaluate the quality of your previous work. At least two should be from faculty or recent employers.

Letters of recommendation are due by December 10 (noon EST).

Step Four

We begin accepting applications in August each year and the deadline to apply is December 10 (noon EST). Application checklist:

  • Create an account here
  • When selecting programs, be sure to click “Add” next to M.S. in Computational Biology. NOTE: you may apply to multiple masters programs, but there is an additional fee for every program
  • Read and follow all instructions here to help you complete the application correctly
  • Contact us with any questions

Please note: Your application is not complete until you receive confirmation that the online form is filled out AND have mailed in all the required forms.

Questions about applying or our program? Please ask us.

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