Carnegie Mellon University


Read through the list of faculty research (Computational Biology Department Faculty & Biological Sciences Department Faculty) and decide whose research you are interested in. Then, talk with Assistant Director DJ Brasier, Ph.D. about mechanisms for credit or pay with research. Next, contact faculty you are interested in working with and describe the skills you can bring to the lab, what aspect of their research you are interested in, and why you are interested in working with them. You will need to get approval before registering for research for credit (.pdf) or as an internship (.pdf), so be sure to plan in advance.
See the Careers page for general advice, and talk with Assistant Director DJ Brasier, Ph.D. for detailed advice.
The MSCB handbook (.pdf) is a great resource for detailed information about course requirements and graduation requirements. Please contact Assistant Director DJ Brasier, Ph.D or Biological Sciences Director of Graduate Operations for specific answers.