Carnegie Mellon University
February 01, 2024

Academic Year 2024-25 Tuition and Fees

Dear Members of the Carnegie Mellon Community:

The university annually assesses its cost of attendance and sets tuition, fees and living expenses for the next academic year. Through analysis, including that of expenditures and inflation, the administration proposes a rate that supports the financial health of the university while being able to recruit and retain world-class students.

For the Academic Year 2024-25, the Board of Trustees approved an overall 3.72% increase to the undergraduate cost of attendance. Undergraduate tuition will be $64,596 with a rate of $10,816 for a standard double room and $7,350 for a traditional first-year meal plan. Approved rates for other associated fees can be found on the Student Financial Services website. Please note that graduate tuition rates are set by individual schools and colleges at the program level.

We recognize the financial investment that students and their families make by choosing to attend CMU. As an institution, we are fully committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience while making it as affordable as possible. Consistent with our commitment to providing access to a CMU education, the university will continue to make investments in financial aid commensurate with the increase in cost of attendance and meet full demonstrated need for our undergraduate students receiving financial aid. 

You can find updated information about financial aid, cost of attendance, and the role of tuition in operating revenue and educational expenses in the university’s annual budget at the CMU Enrollment Bulletin website.


James H. Garrett Jr.
Provost and Chief Academic Officer