Carnegie Mellon University

Dear Members of the Carnegie Mellon University Community,

Today, the White House issued a new executive order affecting entry into the United States by citizens of six nations and by refugees. The order is written to take effect on March 16, and intended to replace the January 27 executive order. While much analysis remains to be done, it appears the provisions in the new order that most directly affect members of our community are more narrowly written than the January 27 order.

However, as I wrote to the CMU community in January, any action that threatens the ability of our students, faculty and staff to participate fully in the life of the university is of utmost concern. We remain committed to doing all within our power to support our international students, faculty and staff, both as an individual institution, and as a member of the Association of American Universities, which issued a statement today about the latest executive order.

Through our staff and outside experts, we are actively seeking analysis and guidance that we can share with affected members of our community. Before the new order takes effect, the university will offer an opportunity for affected members of our community to obtain individual counsel from outside experts, as we did last month. We will share more information on that as it develops, and we encourage you to continue checking the website of the Office of International Education for the most up-to-date information.

It bears repeating that even as we adapt to changing conditions, Carnegie Mellon’s core values do not change. We stand together, as a global community, committed to welcoming outstanding and diverse talent from around the world.


Subra Suresh
Henry L. Hillman President’s Chair
Carnegie Mellon University

Executive Orders and Immigration: January 31, 2017