Carnegie Mellon University

September 2, 2016

Dear Fellow Employees of CMU,

With Labor Day Weekend upon us, I want to thank you for the absolutely essential work that all of you do at Carnegie Mellon University. CMU flourishes only through the work of more than 5,500 staff and faculty, who each day deliver an outstanding educational experience for our students, offer research and performances that change the world, and provide a safe and nurturing community for each of us. Every one of you contributes in your own way, and together you make Carnegie Mellon a world-class institution and a welcoming community.

At CMU, we have some special ways to recognize outstanding work, such as the Andy Awards on Sept. 29. I want to take this opportunity to say how much the entire leadership team and I appreciate the work that sometimes goes unnoticed, but is always valued. I am grateful for the chances I have throughout the year to meet you and acknowledge that in person. Just yesterday, my wife, Mary, and I had the pleasure of hosting many CMU staff members, including some who work overnight while the rest of us sleep to make the next day better for everybody. I look forward to more such conversations in the future, so that we do all we can to support you in your work.

On this Labor Day, and on every day, I hope you know how much I respect and value your professionalism and dedication to Carnegie Mellon University.


Subra Suresh
Henry L. Hillman President’s Chair
Carnegie Mellon University