Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Global Systems and Management

Graduates across all disciplines are increasingly likely to find themselves working as part of a global development team on a wide variety of business, consumer, and intellectual products and services.

The Global Systems and Management minor (GSM) is intended for students wishing to develop skills essential for participating in emerging opportunities in global business systems, systems development, product development and global project management. GSM exposes students to contemporary issues and practices facing organizations, managers and individuals working on a global scale across political, cultural and temporal boundaries.  GSM presents an opportunity for students to learn about being part of an organization that works globally with its employees, business partners, customers and supply chains. 

Students will learn about global project management, outsourcing and cross-cultural communications from theoretical and practical viewpoints. An organized elective structure enables students to tailor the minor reflect their specific interests.


GSM is offered jointly across the departments and programs of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences with participation from the Tepper School of Business. The minor is administered by the Dietrich College Information Systems program. The minor requires students to complete:

  • one Information Systems course: 
    67-329 Contemporary Themes in Global Systems (offered annually)
  • two courses in Communications
  • a combination of 27 units with at least 9 units in each of the categories of:
    • Humanities, Heritage and Culture
    • International Management

for a total of 54 units to complete the GSM minor.

Information regarding the minor can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Double Counting of Courses

Students may apply one course taken to fulfill a requirement in another major or minor program toward the GSM minor.