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The Interdepartmental Minor in Linguistics combines courses from the departments of Philosophy, English, Modern Languages, Psychology and the Language Technologies Institute. It synthesizes the linguistics related offerings in these departments and provides students with an academic experience that reflects the interdisciplinary character of the subject.

The Minor in Linguistics requires a total of 6 courses: the introductory linguistics course; two fundamental skills courses; and three additional electives. All courses counted towards the Minor must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of "C" or above.

Introductory Course

  80-180 Nature of Language

Fundamental Skills

Take one course from two of the following core subject areas:

Sounds 80-282 Phonetics and Phonology
Structure 80-280 Linguistic Analysis
80-285 Natural Language Syntax
Meaning 80-381 Meaning in Language
80-383 Language in Use


Discourse Analysis


Take three additional linguistics courses. These can be additional courses from the Fundamental Skills category above, or any other course which is approved by the Director as a linguistics elective. For electives taught on a regular basis, see courses listed as Breadth or Electives in the Undergraduate Catalog entry for the Linguistics Major.