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Study Abroad

Carnegie Mellon affords a number of ways for students to study abroad, and we strongly encourage students majoring in Information Systems (IS) to consider the opportunity. Given the global nature of software systems and services delivery, a semester abroad can give IS students new insights into the world marketplace of ideas, cultures and languages. In the past, IS students have studied in many locations including Australia, France, Israel, Qatar, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. 

Students are encouraged to visit the Office of International Education's Study Abroad website. The CMU Study Abroad Portal is the best place to find out how to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a study abroad advisor, when to attend a Study Abroad Information Session, and search for opportunities.

Students considering a study abroad semester should consult with the IS Academic Advisor and the Office of International Education well in advance to begin their planning.  The IS program will work closely with any student going abroad to make sure credits transfer back to CMU and to make sure they find the courses they need to keep on track for on-time graduation.

Our advice: Take advantage of the opportunity if you can. It may be years before you'll have another opportunity to immerse yourself in a serious experience abroad.

Along with Carnegie Mellon's world-renowned degree programs in Business and Computer Science, Information Systems is offered as a full undergraduate degree program at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.  Like its counterpart in Pittsburgh, the IS degree program in Qatar gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to build information and communications systems that solve real world business problems. Given the opportunities available in the Gulf region, students completing the IS degree in Qatar will be naturally positioned to assume positions of leadership throughout the region.

Students interested in management of information technology, development of sofware systems, design of cool web-based applications, international business and applications in business IT tailored to the needs of the Gulf region will find the IS degree program in Qatar to be right for them.

Information Systems students at CMU in Pittsburgh and CMU in Qatar have the opportunity to study at each other's home campus for a semester with seamless continuity of curriculum and progress toward their degree programs.  Courses offered at the CMU Qatar campus match courses offered in Pittsburgh in units, core content, and sequencing. This means that students who study at our Qatar campus during a given semester will still able to study abroad through one of our other programs in a separate semester!

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is part of the Education City project, a visionary campus in Doha, Qatar, hosting world renowned universities offering a range of degree options. CMU in Qatar is housed in a beautiful, new, state-of-the-art building designed especially for Carnegie Mellon.

Pittsburgh based IS students should consult with the IS major advisor to explore this opportunity.