Carnegie Mellon University

Awards and Honors

The Information Systems Program has many talented and high-achieving individuals who have been recognized over the years for their quality work and commitment. Here are just some of the program’s award winners since IS was established as a separate academic Program in the 1999-2000 academic year.

Alpha Iota Delta is the international honor society in the fields of information systems and decision sciences. Students are chosen from the top ten percent of their class on the basis of academic merit, campus citizenship, and personal leadership.

2018 - 2019    Karan Bokil, Christie Chang, Tiffany Chen, Arnav Gupta, Ashvin Niruttan, Stephanie Pang
2017 - 2018    Renhao Hu, Richard Huang, Rebecca Kern, Divya Mohan, Jordan Stapinski, Emily Su, Katie Williams
2016 - 2017    Nikita Bokil, Karen Irvine, Israel Madueme, Gaury Nagaraju, Mark Vella, Maggie Yu

2015 - 2016    Swathi Anand, Sherry Chen, Ryan Donegan, Melanie Freeman, Angela Liu, Siddarth Sivakumar, Ming Wu
2014 - 2015    Raphael Astrow, Anthony Corletti, Julia Harmison, Lucy Havens, Won Seong Kim, Chanamon Ratanalert 
2013 - 2014    Michael Bove, Rachel Crown, Julien Eckstrom, Michael Ferraco, Jason Ha, Leonard Sokol, Julia Teitelbaum, Bipin Ratnakar 
2012 - 2013    Elizabeth Li, Jiunn Haur Lim, Wei Shan Lim, Christian Reyes, Wan Xin Teo, Seth Vargo, Michael Wang
2011 - 2012    Stephanie Chow, Shruti Kataria, Alan Nochenson, Molly Samuels, Daniel Tomko
2010 - 2011    Ryan John Buckheit, Courtney Kim Harano, Leah Christine Hayes, Yiwen Jia, Sean S. Kim, Preethi Raju, Brian Wang
2009 - 2010    Aya Chaoka, Thomas Flavin, Ryan Handerhan, Noah Levin, Amritha Prasad, Lauren Taglieri
2008 - 2009    Bradley Hess, Jonathan Ma, Colin Marks, Molly McElrath, Robert Muth, Daniel Schultz, Hamza Taha
2007 - 2008    Lauren Balderston, Devin Blais, Daniel Broekman, Ryan Keane, Justin Lachesky, Shouzhou Lisa Shi, Namek Zu'Bi 

The University selects 30 to 40 seniors for this distinction each year. These students are chosen for academic excellence combined with multi-dimensional characteristics such as volunteerism, involvement in student organizations, participation in sports or the arts, and leadership.

2014 - 2015    Lucy Havens
2011 - 2012    Hannah Gilchrist
2010 - 2011    Courtney Harano
2009 - 2010    Ryan Handerhan
2008 - 2009    Bradley Hess and Daniel E. Schultz
2007 - 2008    Namek T. Z’ubi
2006 - 2007    Michael Szczerban
2005 - 2006    Stephanie Lo
2003 - 2004    Nicole F. Velez and Plato Wai
2002 - 2003    Saied Hedayati
2001 - 2002    Aseem Gupta

This award is presented at commencement to the top graduating IS senior each year, and is given by Dr. and Mrs. Ratnakar B. Mujumdar in memory of their son, Bipin, who was an Information Systems student here at Carnegie Mellon. 

2019    Stephanie Pang
2018    Rebecca Kern
2017    Alex Wang

2016    Ryan Donegan
2015    Chanamon Ratanalert
2014    Rachael Crown
2013    Jiunn Haur Lim, Wei Shan Lim
2012    Molly Samuels
2011    Courtney Harano
2010    Ryan Handerhan
2009    Daniel E. Schultz
2008    Namek T. Z’ubi
2007    Michael Szczerban
2006    Brian M. Gray
2005    Michael L. Gelman
2004    Nicole F. Velez, Paul F. Shatlock
2003    Michael D. Jura
2002    Brett R. Gordon
2001    Tara Dwivedi
2000    Joshua P. Feira
1999    Daniel M. Greene 

The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the nation's oldest and most respected undergraduate honors organizations. Since 1776, members have been elected and given their "gold key" on the basis of their excellence in scholarship, breadth of intellectual interests, leadership, service, and integrity of character.

2019    Hera Miao
2018    Rebecca Kern
2017    Nikita Bokil

2015    Raphael Astrow, Won Seong Kim, Chanamon Ratanalert
2011    Courtney Harano, Yiwen Jia
2010    Ryan Handerhan
2009    Bradley Hess, Daniel E. Schultz
2008    Namek T. Z’ubi
2007    Jacob Portnoff, Michael Szczerban
2006    Brian M. Gray
2005    Michael L. Gelman, Timothy J. Renshaw
2004    Paul F. Shatlock, Nicole F. Velez, Plato Wai
2003    Saied Hedayati,  Aashish Patel
2002    Aseem Gupta, Ish Harshawat
2001    Seth Mandel, Peter Patterson
2000    Ingrid Aizicovici, Tara Dwivedi, William Marantz
1999    Joshua Feira

Founded in 1897, Phi Kappa Phi is an honor society that draws its members from all academic disciplines. The Society's mission is "to recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to other."

2019    Karan Bokil, Christie Chang, Stephanie Pang
2015    Raphael Astrow, Chanamon Ratanalert

Phi Sigma Iota recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the study of teaching of any of the academic fields related to foreign language, literature, and culture. 

2017    Nikita Bokil
2015    Lucy Havens

Annually, Carnegie Mellon University recognizes graduating seniors via a process known as Senior Leadership Recognition, where staff and faculty across the University nominate students who have made significant contributions during their time as a member of the Carnegie Mellon University community.

2019    Sydney Bauer, Christie Chang, Winston Chu, Graciela Garcia, Pavan Gollapalli, Julia Luo, Fletcher Marsh, Hera Miao
2018    Jacob Bittner, Natalya Buchwald, Graciela Garcia, Connor Hanley, Rebecca Kern, Piyush Puri, Jordan Stapinksi, Kathryn Williams, Stephen Yamalis