Carnegie Mellon University

Plaid Cash for Departments

Some departments hold special programs or conferences and would like to make Plaid Cash deposits into the accounts of the participants in lieu of providing a per diem for meals or supplies. To make a Plaid Cash deposit onto a student or conference attendee's ID Card, complete a Departmental Deposit Request form and visit ID Card Services in The HUB.

Departments are encouraged to utilize Plaid Cash as a method of payment, as long as the participants in the program are not employed by the university (i.e., full-time faculty, graduate student on university payroll, Federal Work-Study student). When Plaid Cash is purchased by a department for existing faculty or staff, the deposit amount is considered taxable income and the university would be required to withhold the applicable tax amount from the faculty or staff paycheck.

Purchasing Printing & Copying Funds

Some departments have employees who use public printing and copying resources around campus that require payment via Plaid Cash. Departments may purchase a Print/Copy Card for this purpose, which enables the department to provide it to multiple employees or students to use. Tax withholding is not applicable in this situation, as the funds deposited may only be used for printing and copying purposes. To request Print/Copy Card, the department must complete the Departmental Deposit Request form and submit it to The HUB. 

Note: Please allow at least 1-2 business days if a new Plaid Cash card is being requested.