Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty & Staff ID Cards

Faculty and staff may obtain an ID Card once they have been entered into Workday. This includes Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) faculty and Temporary Employment Services staff. 

Questions about ID Cards? Contact The HUB

New faculty and staff members may either submit an ID photo online or visit The HUB, on or after their start date, to have a photo taken and ID Card produced. The HUB is located in the lower level of Warner Hall.  Government-issued photo ID must be presented.

An ID Card may be replaced at any time up to one month before the expiration date printed on the ID Card. 

To renew an expiring card, visit The HUB to turn in your expiring card and have a new card printed. Cardholders are required to have a new photo taken in person at the ID Card Services station in The HUB.

In all cases, the current ID Card must be surrendered at the time the replacement card is printed, otherwise the lost card fee of $25 will apply. 

It is important that The HUB be notified of lost or stolen cards as soon as possible in order to ensure that unauthorized access to facilities or funds does not occur. As soon as an ID Card has been lost or stolen, faculty and staff members should contact The HUB so the card can be deactivated.

To obtain a replacement ID Card, the cardholder must continue to meet the card eligibility criteria, complete and sign an ID Card Request form, and submit the form to The HUB. A new card number will be assigned in order to prevent fraudulent use of the lost or stolen card.

There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 for replacing lost ID Cards. Stolen ID Cards will be replaced free-of-charge if the cardholder produces a police report or Carnegie Mellon incident report verifying that the card was stolen. Otherwise, it will be treated as a lost card and the $25 card replacement fee will apply.

To obtain a replacement ID Card for a damaged card, the cardholder must continue to meet the card eligibility criteria, complete and sign an ID Card Request form, and submit the form to The HUB. A $5 fee is charged to replace damaged cards. Expired cards will be replaced free-of-charge upon exchange of the original card. If the original card is not exchanged, the lost card replacement fee of $25 will apply.
Employees who receive a faculty or staff Carnegie Mellon ID Card must surrender it to a supervisor upon termination of employment. Supervisors should return collected cards to Human Resources.
Employees who have not surrendered their ID card at the end of their previous employment must surrender their most recent card to The HUB upon re-hire. Failure to do so will result in a $25 lost card fee.
Emeriti faculty and retired faculty or staff members are eligible for an ID card that must be renewed each year.  The status must also be confirmed by CMU Works either via the CMU directory or an email to before an ID card can be issued.