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Dr. Kathleen M. Carley won the INSNA 2021 Richards Award which recognizes valuable social network analysis software, for ORA. ORA is a toolkit for graphical, statistical and visual analytics on both social networks and high dimensional networks that can vary by time and/or space. 

July 2021

Knight Fellow Mansi Sood and Dr. Osman Yağan won the Best Paper Award at the at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Communications in June of 2021. This conference occurs yearly and seeks to drive innovation in the field of telecommunications. Their paper titled, “Tight Bounds for the Probability of Connectivity in Random K-out Graphs” won in the “Communication Theory Symposium” category due to its focus on foundational research into the topic. 

June 2021

Lt. Col. Ryan Kenny, USA, wins 3rd place in the AFCEA International Cyber Edge Writing Contest for his essay titled "Precision-Guided Marketing and the Future of Information Operations."  The essay will appear in Signal.

April 2021

Knight Fellow Aman Tyagi received his PhD in March 2021 with his dissertation titled "Challenges in Climate Change Communication on Social Media."

March 2021

Graduate Student Capt. Iain J. Cruikshank receives a doctorate for his thesis, "Multi-view Clustering of Social-based Data."

July 2020

Graduate Student Lt. Col. David Beskow receives a doctorate for his thesis, "Finding and Characterizing Information Warfare Campaigns."

March 2020

Graduate Student Sumeet Kumar receives a doctorate for his thesis, "Social Media Analytics for Stance Mining - A MultiModal Approach with Weak Supervision."

May 2020

IDeaS Center co-director Kathleen M. Carley was named in Guide2Research's 2020 Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the field of Computer Science and Electronics.

Prof. Carley ranked 286 in the world ranking and 189 in United States. 

The full world ranking is available here; the full ranking for United States is available here.

May 2020

IDeaS Center co-director Kathleen M. Carley named in SAGE Ocean's 50+ women to follow in computational social science.

October 2018