Carnegie Mellon University

LifeCare Family

In order to alleviate this challenge and offer additional support for child care needs, CMU has expanded Care@Work services to include LifeCare Family. The LifeCare Family program offers 24/7 access to care specialists, who provide personalized assistance with your parenting, child care and elder care related needs. They can assist the search process and narrow down the field of caregivers to best meet your family's needs. 

How to Access LifeCare

To access LifeCare Family, log in to your Care@Work account and proceed to the homepage.

  1. Select the category of service you would like assistance with, such as child care.
  2. Select “I am interested in Parenting Resources.”
  3. Select “Learn More.” This will direct you to log into LifeCare Family.
  4. Select “Get Expert Help” from the navigation bar at the top right of the screen to request assistance.

The LifeCare Family Process

  1. Once you've submitted your request, your family will be paired with a care specialist, who will conduct an initial assessment to learn about your care needs.
  2. The care specialist will research and qualify providers based on your budget, timing, location and other considerations. The specialist will use and its proprietary database of licensed providers to conduct their search.
  3. The care specialist will prescreen and contact each provider to ensure they meet your needs.
  4. The care specialist will refer your family to the providers who seem to most closely meet your needs.


Eligible individuals include regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff and graduate students. Undergraduate students needing family care resources should reach out to the Office of Human Resources for assistance.