Carnegie Mellon University

Banking Services

Learn more about the enhanced banking services you are eligible for as an employee of Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Carnegie Mellon University Federal Credit Union
    Serving Carnegie Mellon for over 60 years, the CMUFCU is non-profit and member-owned, offering members competitive loan rates and savings dividends.
  • PNC Workplace Banking
    PNC’s WorkPlace Banking is a program of special offers and enhanced benefits to help your financial achievement and is available to you because of the Carnegie Mellon relationship with PNC Bank. At CMU, you also have convenient access to PNC at work with nine ATMs on campus and an e-branch located on the ground floor of the Cohon University Center.

Carnegie Mellon University does not maintain an exclusive banking relationship with any banking or financial institution. Carnegie Mellon does not endorse any institutions' accounts or services, and employees are not required or expected to switch to/obtain a checking account with any affiliated institution.