Carnegie Mellon University

COVID-19 Medical Requests for Accommodations

Carnegie Mellon University provides reasonable accommodations to staff and faculty members with disabilities to enable them to perform the essential functions or duties of their positions. Requests for medical accommodations relating to COVID-19 are evaluated using the same process for requesting accommodations for other medical conditions. See below for instructions on obtaining an accommodation and requesting an extension of a COVID-19 medical accommodation.

For additional information about requesting accommodations, please refer to Accommodations for Faculty and Staff Members

  1. Submit the Request for Accommodations Form.
  2. EOS will acknowledge receipt of the form and initiate an interactive process through which a university representative will work with you to address your accommodation needs.
  3. You will be asked to submit appropriate documentation of the disability.
  4. You will make an appointment with a representative from EOS to discuss your accommodations and review a draft Employee Individual Accommodation Plan.
    • Before drafting an Employee Individual Accommodation Plan, EOS may require additional information from a medical professional to ensure accurate accommodations are provided. Please submit medical documentation to
  5. EOS will provide you with a Summary of Accommodations Memorandum and a finalized Employee Individual Accommodation Plan.

    The information gathered in this process is used by EOS solely to develop an Accommodation Plan, which is an agreement between the employee and CMU regarding reasonable accommodations and services. This confidential information is only shared with appropriate personnel on a business need-to-know basis.
  6. Next, you will be asked if you would need assistance during a campus emergency. If you identify that you would need assistance, you will be added to the University Emergency Evacuation List. The list is strictly voluntary and allows University Police and other first responders to develop a plan for your evacuation needs. To be included on the University Evacuation Waiting List for a short- or long-term condition, please email or call 412-268-3930.

If you were granted a COVID-19 Medical Accommodation for the Spring 2022 semester and would like an extension of the accommodation for the Fall 2022 semester, you must submit a Request for Extension of COVID-19 Medical Accommodation Form. The university reserves the right to request additional medical documentation in considering the request for extension; however, additional medical documentation may not be required if the medical facts on which your Spring 2022 accommodation was based have not changed.

Please note that the fact that you were granted an accommodation in Spring 2022 does not alone entitle you to an accommodation for the Fall 2022 semester.