Carnegie Mellon University

Disability Services

Disability is an aspect of diversity; the Office of Disability Services values people with diverse abilities and needs. We are committed to the full inclusion of all employees and applicants of the university.

We administer the university’s interactive process to determine reasonable workplace accommodations for faculty and staff. Through the interactive process, the Disability Services team is a confidential support for each individual requesting reasonable workplace accommodations. We work to ensure that qualified individuals receive reasonable accommodations as guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

For student and visitor disability needs, please contact Disability Resources.

How Can Disability Services Help You?

We assist employees and applicants with requests for short- or long-term workplace accommodations due to a disability or health/medical condition.

When you request accommodations or accessibility, we will engage you in an interactive process. During this process, we will gather information from you and your treating physician to prepare a reasonable and effective accommodation/accessibility plan.