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Orienting New Staff

  • Visit the CMUWorks Service Center for an overview of the initial new hire paperwork and processes. The Service Center handles most new employee processes.
  • New employees should attend the New Hire Orientation Program.
  • Benefits-eligible faculty and staff should log onto Workday to elect benefits. If elections are not made within the first 30 days of employment, the new employee will be enrolled in the default benefits until the next open enrollment period. Learn about how to use Workday by visiting My Workday Toolkit.
  • Have the employee complete the online Preventing Workplace Harassment course. (He or she will be notified via email when registered to complete the training. Contact professionaldevelopment@andrew.cmu.edu for program information.)
  • Have the employee sign up for any Professional Development Services programs that may apply to his/her job.
  • Create a department personnel record for the employee.
  • New employees should get a university ID Card from the HUB in Warner Hall.
  • The new employee may arrange for a parking pass through Parking and Transportation Services.
  • If the new employee will operate a vehicle as an essential job function, review the driver's license protocols and have the employee register for the Defensive Driver Training course through Environmental Health and Safety.
In addition, remember that feedback during the first few months of employment is vital to ensure that the new employee is meeting the needs of the department and getting the support and information he or she needs. Mid-way through the employee's provisional period, you should conduct a Provisional Period Performance Review [doc] to make sure the employment relationship is off to a good start (follow the Provisional Period Performance Review Instructions [doc]).