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Roles and Responsibilities

The university requires all full- and part-time staff positions to be posted through Human Resources, unless the vacancy will be filled by an internal promotion within your department or will exist for less than four months. Once the signed Position Description Form and Personnel Requisition have been received by Human Resources and the vacancy is officially announced, Human Resources will work with you throughout the recruitment process.

Role Responsibility
Carnegie Mellon Human Resources

HR's role is to bring diversity issues to the table and provide hiring supervisors with tools.

Recruiting and Staffing Services will partner with you to:

  • Identify your staffing needs
  • Develop an advertising budget to support recruiting activities
  • Develop formal procedures for recruiting candidates who are the best match
  • Identify outreach methods for diversifying your applicant pool
  • Ensure that all who might have contact with prospective applicants are trained in EEO requirements
  • Use various techniques to identify internal and external applicants
  • Provide administrative support by sending acknowledgment letters to applicants
  • Conduct pre-screening interviews or refer all original application materials to the hiring supervisor upon request
Hiring Supervisor

The person who makes the hiring decisions in a department controls diversity in that department. For diversity to be successful at Carnegie Mellon, there must be buy-in at the local level.

As the hiring supervisor, you will work with Human Resources to:

  • Review the applicant pool; select, interview and hire qualified candidates for your vacancy
  • Fulfill documentation requirements, including obtaining a completed Employment Application from all candidates interviewed, conducting employment reference checks and consulting with HR when other investigative background checks should be initiated
  • Maintain communication with HR: notify Recruiting and Staffing Services when the status of the position changes, such as when sufficient applicant materials have been received, if the vacancy is to be withdrawn or put on hold, and when the position has been filled
  • If your pool of candidates is not diverse, consult with your HR manager to revisit your sourcing strategy
  • Determine if other people should be a part of the interview process, including Recruiting and Staffing Services
  • Determine if you will involve others in the process, such as the department's internal review committee or senior management, prior to extending an offer to any candidate
  • Discuss the terms of employment with the finalist to determine if they would accept a formal offer and advise the candidate that the offer will be made in writing
  • Initiate notification letters to applicants who are interviewed at the department level but were not selected