Interviewing Candidates-HR @ Carnegie Mellon University - Carnegie Mellon University

Interviewing Candidates

The approaches described below are simple, good practice and are relevant to majority and minority candidates.

  • Develop questions based upon the required and preferred skills and qualifications listed in the position description. Applicants will respond differently based upon work history and related skills. Therefore, ask the same set of core questions, listen carefully, and allow applicants to respond and ask questions. The primary objective of the interview is to determine if candidates can perform specific duties. Take good notes during the interview or immediately thereafter. Document applicant responses and job-related criteria.
  • Review the duties and responsibilities of the job using the position description, individual qualifications, work history, relevant experience/training/educational background, career goals, location of the job, travel requirements, equipment used and facilities available to do the job, operational hours required, attendance and performance expectations, on-the-job training and professional development opportunities.
  • Discuss the culture of the university. What quality of life can a staff member expect? What relationship is enjoyed amongst colleagues? What is the culture of the institution and the department? What community activities can the candidate expect?
  • Discuss the quality of life in the community. Candidates relocating to the Pittsburgh area will want to know about housing, schools, community activities, and the general atmosphere of the institutions and the town with respect to minority individuals and families. It is helpful to have minority candidates talk with other minority members of the campus community. It is also important, however, that the department head and majority colleagues help with housing, schools and community activities. This is the clearest indication that the candidate will be welcomed by all his or her colleagues.