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November 21, 2023

Training Update: CMULead, Lean Six Sigma Programs Conclude

As the year winds down and we all prepare to make the transition into 2024, it seems fitting to reflect on a few of the programs that have proven to be valuable to our employees and that will be offered again during the new year.

Congratulations to the 2023 CMULead Graduates

On Wednesday, November 17, the 2023 CMULead cohort completed the final program requirements, and the thirty participants officially graduated. Chief of Staff to the President Tricia O’Reilly provided the keynote address, focusing on the leadership insights she’s gained during the transition to her new role as well as the dedication and accomplishments of the graduates and their commitment to professional development. Participants of the CMULead program also had the opportunity to reflect on their lessons learned.

About the Program

Over the course of the six-month program, participants devoted 70–80 hours to events and training, pre-work, final project presentations and the graduation ceremony. Individual sessions were supported by presentations from deans, vice presidents, functional leaders and subject matter experts across faculty, staff and student services. Session topics included:

  • Working in a top-tier research university
  • Strategy, vision and impact
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Building leadership competency for the future

CMULead participants were grouped into teams to develop a presentation for one of the monthly sessions and lead the related discussions. Monthly session topics included reflections from the orientation, crisis and change management, leadership, and DEI and employee wellness.

Please join us in recognizing the 2023 CMULead graduates!

  • Andrea Berestecky (Human Resources)
  • Jennifer Bett (FIRM)
  • Wendy Brenneman (Human Resources)
  • Ben Carpenter (Admissions)
  • Darren Dauberger (Computing Services)
  • Augie Delbert (Human Resources)
  • Ebony Dickey (CIT ECE)
  • Denise Fazio (Faculty Senate)
  • Marcie Foy (Career Center)
  • Luke Hottinger (Computing Services)
  • Jonelle Krise (Enrollment Services)
  • Vera Lampley (Dietrich Modern Languages)
  • Eva B Mergner (CIT ME)
  • Matthew Miller (Computing Services)
  • Chrissy Moffatt (Controller)
  • Nathan Newsom (FIRM)
  • Heidi Opdyke (Mellon College of Science)
  • Evan Orowetz (FIRM)
  • Jess Paschke (Dietrich Statistics)
  • Mindy Peskie (FIRM)
  • Melissa Ritchie (CIT CEE)
  • Stefanie Santo (Campus Engagement)
  • Carl Skipper (Dietrich Computing)
  • Judy van Rheenen (Enrollment Services)
  • David Vey (CIT CEE)
  • Kristyn Williams (Chemical Engineering)
  • Carey Zehnder (Enrollment Services)
  • Lisa Zirngibl (Computing Services)

Lean Six Sigma Program Nearing Graduation

CMU’s fifth Lean Six Sigma (LSS) cohort has completed its training, and the three project teams are preparing to deliver their final presentations. Participants started the program in June and immediately jumped into project work, compiling data and preparing to present their recommendations to their project sponsors.

About the Program

The LSS training program, introduced in 2018 by the Office of Human Resources, has evolved into an annual program with participants identified through a nomination process in the spring, training in the summer and practical project work continuing through the fall and winter. The program is designed to teach individuals how to collect and use data for improving processes. Throughout the LSS experience, Senior Consultant and LSS Trainer Rick Schleusener facilitates the teaching and application of the LSS principles. Participants are ultimately challenged to demonstrate their understanding of these principles through a real-world project that addresses an opportunity for improvement at the university.

During their project work, participants meet regularly with Rick Schleusener and the HR Learning and Development team to discuss the status of each project and to shape their recommendations. Individual teams are addressing the following university-sponsored projects:

  • Event Set Up/Furniture Requests (sponsored by FIRM)
  • Analysis of the Contracts Process (sponsored by Research)
  • Analysis of the AR Process (sponsored Finance)

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are strongly encouraged and supported in taking the certification exam to become an IASCC Green Belt through the International Association of Lean Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), an independent organization that facilitates testing for groups and individuals who have completed recognized training.

Please join us in recognizing our current Lean Six Sigma participants!

  • Jennifer Brodt (FIRM)
  • Tiffany Fitzgerald (Finance)
  • Jamie Grace (FIRM)
  • Asraiel Harewood (Office of the Provost)
  • Lynn Homic (CIT Research)
  • Katie Kinnamon (Office of the Provost)
  • Ena Miceli (Mellon College of Science)
  • Elizabeth Paez (FIRM)
  • Autumn Riddle (CIT Dean’s Office)
  • Jon Samuels (Enrollment Services)
  • Aleksandra Yudelson (OVPR - Research Operations)