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June 05, 2023

Leadership Programs Begin New Cohorts

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) continues to sponsor nomination-based leadership programs for staff. These programs, which recently launched new cohort groups, are examples of CMU’s commitment to strategically investing in training to develop and retain our brightest and most talented employees. 

The CMULead program is set to begin its fourth cohort, and the Lean Six Sigma program is getting set to begin its fifth. The timing of these programs has been synced up to help make the process more cyclical and assist with the nomination process where university leaders are asked to identify prospective participants. It is also helpful for employees to plan and account for the substantial time commitment required by both programs. OHR is also continuing to partner with Tepper Executive Education to offer Strategies for Advancing Women in Organizations.


The CMULead program strives to prepare high-achieving individuals to grow into future leadership roles as they progress in their careers at CMU. This year’s nominees for the CMULead cohort are:

  • Andrea Berestecky, Office of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Bett, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Wendy Brenneman, Office of Human Resources
  • Ben Carpenter, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Darren Dauberger, Computing Services
  • Emily Davis, University Libraries
  • Augie Delbert, Office of Human Resources
  • Ebony Dickey, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Denise Fazio, Faculty Senate
  • Marcie Foy, Student Affairs
  • Luke Hottinger, Computing Services
  • Jonelle Krise, Enrollment Services
  • Vera Lampley, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Eva Mergner, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Matt Miller, Computing Services
  • Chrissy Moffatt, Finance
  • Nathan Newsom, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Heidi Opdyke, Mellon College of Science
  • Evan Orowetz, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Jessica Paschke, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mindy Peskie, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Judy van Rheenen, Enrollment Services
  • Melissa Ritchie, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Stefanie Santo, Student Affairs
  • Carl Skipper, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • David Vey, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Kristyn Williams, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Carey Zehnder, Enrollment Services
  • Lisa Zirngibl, Computing Services

Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma program aims to instill and nurture a broader culture of institutional improvement through the principles of Lean Six Sigma. This year’s nominees for the Lean Six Sigma cohort are:

  • Jennifer Brodt, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Tiffany Fitzgerald, Finance
  • Jamie Grace, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Asraiel Harewood, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Lynn Homic, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Katie Kinnamon, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Jonathan Kiritharan, University Libraries
  • Ena Miceli, Mellon College of Science
  • Elizabeth Paez, Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management
  • Autumn Riddle, Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • Jon Samuels, Enrollment Services
  • Aleksandra Yudelson, Research Operations

Strategies for Advancing Women in Organizations

This Leadership Academy program, a partnership with Tepper Executive Education, aims to help individuals craft their leadership brand for both individual and organizational success. Participants learn to leverage the unique strengths and address the challenges specific to women seeking advancement opportunities in higher education. The program provides tools for effective negotiation to hurdle obstacles, secure necessary resources and further participants’ upward trajectory. This year’s nominees for the women’s leadership program are:

  • Hollen Barmer, Software Engineering Institute
  • Beth Beyer, University Advancement
  • Star Broadus, Office of Human Resources
  • Rebecca D’Acunto, Software Engineering Institute
  • AnneMarie DeGeorge, Student Affairs
  • Karen Eck, Office of Human Resources
  • Ashley Ferenczy, Finance
  • Veella Grooms, Student Affairs
  • Danielle Jackson, Office of the Provost
  • Erin Latimer, Enrollment Services
  • Geneva Lounder, Finance
  • Marlene Williams, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences