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March 03, 2023

CMU=You: The Source for All Things Wellness

In 2022, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) launched CMU=You, the university's go-to location for celebrating our culture and helping all staff members feel more connected to each other, our values and our mission.

This new program reflects the spirit of Carnegie Mellon by creating a central location that serves as the home for the Andy Awards and the Staff Service Awards; allows staff to quickly access important resources including our commitment to DEI and employee engagement opportunities; and provides access to a wellness section to help you reach your mental, physical and financial well-being goals.

The wellness section is an often-overlooked feature of CMU=You that highlights a wealth of well-being resources. First and foremost, it references CMU Wellness Resources compiled on the Community Health and Well-Being website managed by Student Affairs. This website is a collection of the many well-being resources offered at CMU and provides a space to explore the various components of well-being.

CMU=You also provides access to a Wellbeing Center that shares resources related to being more active, eating healthier, managing your finances and mastering your mental health. You will find workout videos, recipes, financial health articles and strategies to promote your mental well-being.

The CMU=You wellness section also provides links to benefits and other programs related to your well-being like the Employee Assistance Program, resources available for important life events like adding a child to your family or caring for a family member, and information about taking time away from work.

Explore the CMU=You wellness section and take advantage of the many resources available. And keep an eye out for additional tools and resources as OHR continues to explore ways to expand CMU=You. Currently, OHR is working on adding eCards to recognize your colleagues online for their accomplishments, and creating a home for college and division reward and recognition programs like the Andy Awards.