Carnegie Mellon University

performance management on laptop screen

August 16, 2022

Successful Completion of Merit in Workday

Through collaboration and partnership with campus, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) was able to successfully complete the 2023 merit cycle utilizing Workday to facilitate tracking and processing of merit recommendations and final approval of all recommended increases.

Previously, merit recommendations were made outside of Workday in secure spreadsheets. By conducting the merit process in Workday, OHR is more intentionally connecting pay to performance by using Workday for the full performance life cycle including goal setting, self-evaluation, supervisor evaluation, and now merit.

The merit grid in Workday allows merit facilitators and/or supervisors to make merit recommendations for their assigned team members. In this merit grid, they are able to see the employee’s most recent performance rating and the suggested merit increases based on the employee’s performance. Additionally, the Workday tool has dynamic tracking that allows merit facilitators and/or supervisors to keep track of their allocated budget for merit while making recommendations.

OHR is grateful for the support of university leadership, merit facilitators and supervisors for making the launch of the merit tool in Workday so successful. OHR looks forward to implementing additional enhancements to the merit tool and continuing to use Workday as our full-life cycle performance management tool.