Carnegie Mellon University

Workday logo on laptop screen

August 23, 2022

Workday Update and Outage Sept. 9–11

As a part of the regularly scheduled bi-annual system update on September 12 , Workday will be implementing enhancements to its homepage. While the look and feel of the user interface will change (refer to screen shot), the functionality of the applications and the underlying tasks will remain the same. To accommodate these updates, Workday will be unavailable from Friday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET through Sunday, September 11 at 6 p.m. ET.

Screenshot of new Workday interface

The newly enhanced homepage displays relevant tasks, applications, announcements, as well as information and recommendations completely personalized to the user. The updated user interface also provides a stronger search experience, balancing speed, relevancy and greater user control. Finally, machine learning drives suggested tasks, learning from the tasks that you perform in Workday day-to-day. The three recommended "Quick Tasks" should be the three most frequently used tasks for that given time. To learn more about the updated user interface, please view this brief video overview.

Workday will also update the appearance of the Careers website for external (non-CMU) users. The updates provide users with additional flexibility in filtering their job search as well as the ability to create and link to a filtered search. To enhance the university’s recruiting efforts, Workday is also providing additional customization of in-site messaging.

These changes should enhance the user experience while leaving intact core functionality. Users will continue to receive task notifications via email and their Workday mailbox. Therefore, the extensive library of Workday user guides are still accurate. So, if you need guidance with any task in Workday, please reference the applicable guide.