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August 11, 2022

Employee Referral Program — Make a Referral Today!

The university recently introduced a staff Employee Referral Program (ERP). The ERP is a new tool in our recruiting strategy in which the university encourages current employees, through rewards, to refer qualified external candidates for open full-time and part-time staff positions at Carnegie Mellon University. Through the ERP, we hope to harness our own networks and create competitive and diverse candidate pools. Ultimately, we hope this leads to strong hires who help to fit the needs of the role.

Eligible staff members who submit a referral for a position participating in the ERP will receive an employee referral reward if the referred candidate is hired and completes their six-month provisional period. Visit the Employee Referral Program page to learn more about the program, the qualifying positions, eligibility requirements and how to make a referral. The page also provides several resources including FAQs about the program, step by step guides on how to make referrals, and much more!

If you are a hiring manager who is interested in including your open position in the ERP, please review the program guidelines and reach out to your HR Recruiter.