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June 30, 2022

Staff Handbook and HR Policies Updated July 1

Updates to Staff Handbook

The Office of Human Resources recently completed a comprehensive review and update to Carnegie Mellon’s Staff Handbook: A Human Resources Guide [pdf]. This review was performed to ensure the handbook reflects current policies, procedures and benefit offerings applicable to university staff members. Handbook formatting has also been updated and the HR website now includes a summary of key handbook updates. This table will be updated annually to improve awareness and usability of the handbook for both new and existing staff members.

The Carnegie Mellon University in California Staff Handbook [pdf] was also updated to ensure content between the handbooks align where appropriate, and it is reflective of current laws and regulations specific to employment in the state of California.

New HR Policies and Guidelines

In addition, the following HR policies and guidelines have been developed to outline time away from work benefits available to eligible university staff members:

These policies are available on the Policies and Guidelines page of the HR website.

Please reach out to Dawn Fisher, Manager of HR Policy and Compliance, with any questions or concerns regarding these updates.