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May 12, 2022

Reminder: Future Hires and Sponsored Accounts

Computing Services continues to receive requests to create sponsored accounts for individuals who will be employees in the future.

The Office of Human Resources also continues to see similar behavior where a department creates the future hire as a contingent worker and then converts them to an employee on their hire date (most of these are faculty and instructional staff). When this happens, the future hire may end up with two separate Andrew IDs that later need to be merged. Merging IDs creates multiple system and security issues, including impacting Workday.

As a reminder, departments can enter the future hire into Workday at any time using the actual date the person will start to work as the hire date. When they do this, the record is sent to Computing Services and an Andrew ID is assigned and available to the future employee. There is no need to put them in as a contingent worker or to request a sponsored account. For more information, please reach out to a member of your HR Team.