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May 12, 2022

CMULead and LSS Cohorts to Start in June

The HR-sponsored CMULead and Lean Six Sigma programs are preparing for their new cohorts to begin in June. These two high profile programs, although very different, are both examples of CMU’s commitment to strategically investing in training to develop and retain our brightest and most talented employees. The CMULead program prepares high-achieving individuals to grow into future leadership roles as they progress in their careers at CMU, while the Lean Six Sigma program aims to instill and nurture a culture of institutional improvement through the principles of Lean Six Sigma.

The CMULead program is set to begin its third cohort, and the Lean Six Sigma program will begin its fourth cohort. In 2022, for the first time, both programs will start at the same time. This alignment of scheduling is intended to make the entire process more cyclical and assist with the nomination process where university leaders are asked to identify prospective participants. The substantial time commitment of participants can fold into larger professional development plans for individuals and teams during the performance management cycle. For questions about the nomination process or the programs, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

2022 Participants


Lean Six Sigma

  • Connie Angermeier (Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Kourtney Bandish (College of Engineering [CIT])
  • Eyona Bivins (Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Allison Blair (School of Computer Science)
  • Treci Bonime (College of Engineering [CIT])
  • Tiaona Cade (Heinz)
  • Amy Daly (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Kelly Delaney (Integrative Design, Arts and Technology)
  • Kevin Dietrick (Tepper School of Business)
  • James Dulya (Computing Services)
  • Julia Sobol Dzurino (Vice President of Research)
  • Shawn Facchiano (Finance)
  • Anthony Gallagher (Computing Services)
  • Robert Jones (Heinz College)
  • Mike Krisky (Computing Services)
  • Kurt Larsen (College of Engineering [CIT])
  • Rebecca Lombardi (Entertainment Technology Center)
  • Meg Lukus (Tepper School of Business)
  • Alexandra Lutz (Heinz College)
  • John Mayhoff (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Patrick McCue (Office of the Provost)
  • Jamell Mihalik (Office of Human Resources)
  • Alessandro (AK) Molteni (Computing Services)
  • Samantha Nielsen (Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Megan Oliver (College of Engineering [CIT])
  • Cathy Schaefer (College of Engineering [CIT])
  • Nancy Snyder (Office of Human Resources)
  • Penny Stump (Campus Design and Facility Development)
  • Morgan Walbert (University Libraries)
  • Shannon Wetzel (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Teraya White (Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Tina Yankovich (College of Engineering [CIT])
  • Ellen Duran Young (Office of the Provost)
  • Sarah Zuger (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Jeff Abels (Vice President of Research)
  • Jennifer Bett (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Justin Braden (Computing Services)
  • Nicholas Camerlengo (Student Affairs)
  • Sarah College (Office of the Provost)
  • Matt Duffey (Finance)
  • Blair Dunckel (University Libraries)
  • TJ Emanuel (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Chris Garcia (Finance)
  • Lori Geraci (Heinz College)
  • Hannah Gloeckl (Finance)
  • Katie Gordon (Finance)
  • Nadine Hobeck (Office of Human Resources)
  • Mindy Peskie (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Jesse Posset (Finance)
  • Oscar Radoli (Computing Services)
  • Holly Ryan (Office of Human Resources)
  • David Schreib (Computing Services)
  • Jake Swanson (Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management)
  • Tara Trapani (Tepper School of Business)