Carnegie Mellon University

Person putting file into filing cabinet

March 04, 2022

HR Policy Update

The Office of Human Resources’ (OHR) mission includes the development and dissemination of policies to promote common understanding for the university community and support compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

In support of this mission, OHR has developed a Human Resources Record Retention Policy [pdf] which provides guidance on required retention periods and the official repository responsible for various university HR records. This policy was developed to establish and communicate required retention periods for university HR records in accordance with federal and state laws governing retention of employment records. The policy is available on the Policies and Guidelines page of the HR website.

In addition, Staff Personnel Files: Guidance for Supervisors [pdf] is now available in the Documents section of the HR website. This document provides supervisors with guidance on what should and should not be maintained in staff personnel files and appropriate maintenance and safeguarding of those files.

You can reach out to Dawn Fisher, Manager of HR Policy and Compliance, with any questions or concerns regarding these updates.