Carnegie Mellon University

Closeup of W-2 forms

January 31, 2022

Tax Documents Mailed by Jan. 31

Form W-2

Hard copy W-2 tax forms for 2021 were mailed out by January 31, 2022 to all employees who were paid wages in 2021. W-2s were sent to the primary address on file in Workday. The W-2 form is also available in Workday for all active employees. To learn how to access your W-2 in Workday, view the Retrieving W-2 Tax Form Quick Guide [pdf].

Former employees may request temporary access to Workday to retrieve their W-2 forms beginning February 15, 2022. To request access to your W-2, please send an inquiry to HR Services. You will be required to validate your identity and confirm your address to protect your personal information. CMU is unable to send W-2 forms via email.

Please note that the Social Security number on the 2021 W-2 forms will be truncated and will only display the last four digits. For more information, refer to ADP's "Final IRS Regulations Permit Truncated SSNs on Forms W-2."

Form 1095-C

Forms 1095-C for 2021 were mailed out by January 31, 2022. Form 1095-C contains information about your healthcare coverage (and your dependents’ healthcare coverage, if applicable). This form is considered your “proof of insurance” for the IRS. Carnegie Mellon University issues a Form 1095-C to any employee with U.S. taxable income who was enrolled in healthcare coverage or considered a full-time employee (as defined by the Affordable Care Act) at any time during 2021. To request a copy, please contact HR Services