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November 12, 2021

The Cost of Caregiving Webinar Dec. 8

No Sleep, No Social Life, No Self-Care = The Cost of Caregiving. How You Can Lighten the Load is a free webinar hosted by, CMU's family care benefits provider, on December 8 from noon–1 p.m.

That constant pressure you feel but can’t quite name? For almost half of us, it’s the intensity of caring for a loved one. Join us  as we dive into the data on how caregiving is the job many of us don’t even realize we have, its impact on our work, relationships, and physical and mental health, and the surprising solutions that actually help. You’ll be shocked by the weight and intensity of the load we’re actually carrying and in awe of the steps you can take to make things a little easier. Whether you’re actively employed and caregiving is your “other” job, it’s your full-time role, or you’re trying to re-enter the paid workforce after time away as a caregiver, this session should not be missed.