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July 15, 2021

Paid Time Off Responsibilities

CMU’s generous Paid Time Off (PTO) benefits combined with a number of unpaid leave opportunities support a healthy balance of work and personal responsibilities. The Paid Time Off Policy provides regular, full-time staff members with a balance of days away from work with pay. PTO days may be used for vacation, personal time, illness or time off to care for dependents.

PTO does come with some responsibilities, including the need to schedule in advance and gain approval from your supervisor, except in cases of illness or emergency. In addition, staff members must:

  • Manage their PTO and, as noted, plan for it in advance except in cases of illness or emergency
  • Request PTO in a timely manner as set by department procedure
  • Accurately record PTO in Workday prior to or immediately following time off

Supervisors must:

  • Assist employees in scheduling time off in accordance with departmental PTO approval process
  • Ensure all PTO is accurately recorded in Workday prior to or immediately following time off
  • Monitor employee PTO balances to prevent excess accrual

Resources and Further Information

For more information about PTO and other benefits related to time off, please visit the Time Away from Work pages. Additionally, in response to the ongoing pandemic, the university has issued several temporary amendments to PTO policy and the holiday schedule.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, your HR Team is available to assist you.