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October 08, 2020

Relationship, Activity Pay and One-Time Payment Validations to be Added to Workday

On November 5, 2020, the HR Technology team will add several enhanced validations to Workday related to relationship, activity pay and one-time payment. These validations will help to ensure that Workday users make the correct designations aligning with previously established guidance.

Currently, users can make incorrect entries without the system recognizing the errors. These new validations will ensure that users are making accurate entries and avoiding any potential mistakes. For Relationship entries in Workday, this means that the Relationship selected must align with the job profile on the position. For example, if a Staff job profile is used, the Relationship must be Staff. In addition to Relationship entries in Workday, validations have been added to enforce the eligibility for Activity Pay and One-Time Payments as listed in the Compensation Guidelines — Activity Pay and One Time Payments [pdf].

Relationship, Activity Pay and One-Time Payment Quick Guides

For instructions on completing these processes, please refer to the applicable Workday guides. If you have questions, please contact HR Services at or 412-268-4600.