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October 07, 2020

Training Update

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) aims to keep employees up to date on human resources policies, benefits and services. We also strive to enable employees by providing training and resources to enhance job performance, skills and professional development. Thus, we would like to share an update on some of the recent training initiatives OHR has been involved in.

As noted in the Goal Setting Update, considerable time and effort have been invested into the multi-year performance management project. The initial phase of implementing the goal setting process across campus is complete. Through the rest of this year, employees and supervisors will experience first-hand the process of setting and adjusting the annual goals they have entered into Workday. As employees have become familiar with the performance management project, they have embraced its overarching benefits and recognized how it ties back to performance equity and pay. As we enter the next phases, additional training sessions will be available for supervisors and employees to understand the process of self-evaluation, supervisor evaluation and performance ratings.

In addition to performance management training, the learning and development team has been developing resources and identifying on-demand training for the Development Program Guide. In the previous newsletter, we announced the release of resources and certificate/training opportunities for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, leveraging some of the courses available in FocusU and LinkedIn Learning. This quarter we are excited to expand the Development Program Guide to include resources and training opportunities for Supervisor Development as well as for Recruitment and Search. We hope that highlighting courses will help enable employees to select training to enhance their skills and professional development needs.

Another exciting training on the horizon is the Staff Supervisory Awareness Training. This training program has been designed to address the outcomes of the Task Force on Campus Climate and to provide all supervisors at CMU with a solid foundation of core human resources knowledge critical to their success. In particular, the program will focus on how supervisors can champion CMU's values of empathy, compassion, inclusion, dedication, impact and collaboration. Furthermore, the program seeks to help supervisors create a work environment where the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront. Sessions for supervisors began in early October with sessions cycling through the end of the year. Visit the Staff Supervisory Awareness Training page to learn more about the training and topics, or contact Adam Marks for more information.

Other developments for OHR and the Learning and Development team include training team members to become certified facilitators for DiSC and True Colors personality assessments. The ability to host and facilitate these trainings internally will be valuable to OHR as well as departments and units on campus that are interested in understanding personality and learning styles and the dynamics of organizational behavior, including how similarities and differences can strengthen working relationships and environments. 

Additionally, OHR is now able to provide ELI Civil Treatment training to create a more civil, inclusive and productive workplace, leveraging real-world case studies to test resources and prepare for civil interactions. The Learning and Development team also reconvened the Learning Partners group, hosting a meeting in August with campus members who provide training. The goal of the Learning Partners group is to find ways for those responsible for training across campus to better collaborate in the development and sharing of resources during this increasingly budget-conscious time. More to come on this initiative after the survey information from the first meeting is reviewed.