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May 03, 2018

Important Changes to Workday Hire and Add Additional Job Processes

On Monday, May 7, 2018, modifications will be made to the Hire and Add Additional Job business processes in Workday. Transactions started prior to May 7 will follow the existing process.

The Assign Costing Allocation task will be added to the Hire and Add Additional Job processes for non-exempt employees. The step will route to Cost Center Managers and must be completed before the transaction is sent for approvals. All steps and approvals must be completed in a timely fashion to prevent delays in the hiring or additional job process. This process will help ensure correct charging information is available when pay is processed and will reduce the volume of payroll distribution adjustments (PDAs). The Assign Costing Allocations Quick Guide [pdf] has been updated to reflect the new process.

It is recommended that Cost Center Managers who currently receive Workday email notifications in a daily digest change their Custom Business Process notification setting to immediate to ensure they receive costing allocation notifications sooner. Refer to the Setting Preferences and Email Notifications Quick Guide [pdf] for information on how to change the email notification settings.

Approvers will receive a consolidated approval notification in their Workday inbox. This approval step provides a comprehensive view of the transaction including the hire or add job details, the employee’s default organization assignments and costing allocations (if applicable). Approvers can approve, send back or deny the entire transaction. This approval step is only available on the desktop at this time.

Please contact the CMUWorks Service Center at with any questions.