Discipline Guidelines - Human Resources - Carnegie Mellon University

Discipline Guidelines

Sometimes coaching and partnering are not enough, and you must take disciplinary action. Be sure to document performance problems in the employee's Performance Review and to keep notes about performance-related discussions that arise during one-on-one meetings with the employee. You should also create a formal Performance Improvement Plan to deal with performance issues. You should not begin the progressive discipline process without first consulting your HR Manager.

The progressive discipline process involves these escalating steps:

  1. Verbal Warning—be specific about the issue and how the employee should resolve it
  2. Written Warning—should be reviewed for legality by your HR Manager
  3. Probation
  4. Suspension
  5. Termination of Employment

Certain serious violations may require advancing to a more severe level of discipline. Contact your HR Manager or the LifeWorks Management Line for assistance.