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Accommodations for Faculty and Staff Members

Carnegie Mellon University provides reasonable accommodations to staff and faculty members with disabilities to enable them to perform the essential functions or duties of their positions. An accommodation is deemed “reasonable” by ADA standards unless the accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, or advantages offered or would result in an undue burden, i.e., significant difficulty or expense. The final determination for providing appropriate and reasonable accommodations rests with the institution.

Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) staff will assist faculty and staff members seeking accommodations for disabilities. An employee may self-identify as disabled at any time via Workday or by contacting EOS at To obtain an accommodation, please use the process below.

Obtaining Accommodations

Faculty or staff members requesting accommodations or services due to a disability must contact Equal Opportunity Services. In order to request accommodations, please follow the steps below:

  1. Submit the Voluntary Disclosure of Disability Form [pdf] to
  2. EOS will acknowledge receipt of the form and initiate an interactive process through which a university representative will work with you to address your accommodation needs.
  3. You will be asked to submit appropriate documentation of the disability according to the Documentation Guidelines.
  4. You will make an appointment with a representative from EOS to discuss your accommodations and review a draft Employee Individual Accommodation Plan.
  5. EOS will provide you with a Summary of Accommodations Memorandum and a finalized Employee Individual Accommodation Plan.

The information gathered in this process is used by EOS solely to develop an Accommodation Plan, which is an agreement between the employee and CMU regarding reasonable accommodations and services. This confidential information is only shared with appropriate personnel on a business need-to-know basis.

Requesting Additional Accommodations or Change to Accommodations

Employees may request modification of an existing Employee Individual Accommodation Plan by contacting EOS will initiate an interactive dialogue within five business days.

Short-Term Disabilities

Individuals with short-term conditions that substantially limit their ability to complete day-to-day work at the university may be considered for assistance. If you believe you are in need of services due to a short-term condition, contact EOS at or 412-268-3930.