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Your Plan

Your Focus

Whether you are just beginning your career or you have been working for some time, keeping your motivation high, your understanding of the issues current, and reaching your potential is important. What is your focus? Do you want to learn a new skill? Are you seeking training on a particular topic? Is there a challenge you are facing? Do you have a career path in mind? What is your plan?

Seize the Moment

Carnegie Mellon is a place of high expectations. It is also a place that fosters risk-taking, creativity and collaboration. You might find yourself getting caught up in the day-to-day activities of your work. You might wonder how you can incorporate professional development into your day.

You are always learning. Reminding yourself of this fact and optimizing your opportunities for learning are key to your success at CMU and your ongoing professional growth. The programs and services offered through Professional Development Services are designed to be utilized in meaningful ways throughout your work experience.

Professional Development Paradigm

You are encouraged to think beyond traditional training approaches, and we urge you to take full advantage of the opportunities you have to build your skills and abilities every day.

 Build Understanding

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to expand your knowledge is by reading. Stay up to date on new trends and innovations in your field as a great way to stay motivated.

 Do Something

Identify a particular skill or ability and create a strategy on how you will implement it into your work. Build time into your schedule to practice the skill.

 Engage with Others

Exchange thoughts, offer support and share best practices to grow in your own skills by learning from others and their experiences.

 Get Connected

Utilizing technology to enhance your learning is convenient and flexible. You can augment instructor-led workshops, complete on-demand webinars or courses and get timely answers to your questions.

 Learn More

Attend a workshop to learn best practices and the foundational theory on a particular topic. Taking the opportunity to practice the concepts delivered in the session and discussing the ways in which they apply to your work allows you to determine their relevance and usefulness to you.

 Reflect On It

Reflection is a great tool to use for professional development. Taking the time to think about your work, challenges and progress is extremely beneficial.

Creating Your Plan

Learning by doing and by interacting with others is how adults expand skills and competencies. Applying new ideas and concepts to your work is incredibly valuable to your performance and your motivation as an employee. Being intentional in how you apply these ideas within your daily activities can reap the rewards you are seeking.

Identify the knowledge, skills or competencies you want to develop.
Using the professional development paradigm, map out your plan.

Establish a timeline for completing your plan.
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Complete your plan and make adjustments along the way.

Acknowledge your professional growth through the knowledge, skills and competencies you have developed.