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Building Individual and Organizational Performance

Are you looking to build a skill or ability? Have you identified a specific need or interest for your organization? Do you want to improve a service or create a new program? Do you have a training or compliance responsibility? The Office of Human Resources can assist and support you in achieving your learning and performance goals.

Our Focus Is You

Understanding your needs and interests is paramount to our success. We are determined to deliver programs and services that are tailored to meet your needs. Our approach is grounded in adult learning theory and continually updated by the advances in learning science.

Focus Your Request

We have a number of resources and services to offer you. Whatever your personal or professional needs, or your organization's need, we are here to support your success.

Professional Development Workshops

Suggest a topic you believe would be valuable to your personal professional development or would benefit the campus community.

Partner with a Human Resources staff member to create a custom workshop for your organization, department or project team.

Staff Development

Engage with us to champion the development of your staff members or your project team. We are happy to assist with team building, retreat facilitation and onboarding new employees.

Looking for strategies to assist a team member? We can provide one-on-one consultation to assist the staff member in identifying resources to support their position performance and professional goals.

Organizational Development

Is your organization going through a change? Do you have a strategic initiative you are launching? Does your organization seem to be in a rut? You are invited to engage in an organizational consultation with a staff member from the Office of Human Resources. 

Design Thinking

Do you have an idea you need to implement? A service you want to improve? A need you want to meet? A problem that needs solving? Consider using a design thinking consultation or facilitation with your group to promote engagement, collect user input, challenge perspectives, develop strategies and ensure success.


Suggest a training topic that would be valuable to you and your utilization of Workday. Request training for a particular role in Workday. Schedule a one-on-one consultation to gain clarity on a Workday task or responsibility.

Resource Information

We have identified a number of position and performance resources. In fact, there are so many, it can be overwhelming to find exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for yourself or want to provide resources to your organization, we can assist you.


Do you have content you need to deliver to a broad audience? Do you have information you need to make available to individuals in various locations and at any time of the day? Are you wanting to supplement a performance area within your organization? If so, consider exploring the resources and services provided through an eLearning consultation.